Creative Feet Satinedge Sewing Machine Presser Foot
Creative Feet Satinedge Sewing Machine Presser Foot Package Contents
Creative Feet Satinedge Sewing Machine Presser Foot Satin Edge Stitching

Creative Feet Satinedge Foot

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  • Capable of over 27 techniques!
  • Guides along fabric edges for you!
  • Perfect seam allowances with nothing but a light touch!
  • The guide is adjustable allowing you to sew many seam widths!
  • The best at what it does for over 30 years!
  • Never strain your eyes again, as staring at the needle is a thing of the past!
  • Used by beginners, sewing professionals and educators around the world!
  • One of the 3 Creative Feet!

Includes: Satinedge Foot, 4 Snap-on Adapters, Instruction Booklet.

Creative Feet product trust badges. Lifetime Warranty, Made in the USA, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Fits All Sewing Machines!

If your sewing machine is capable of sewing a zig-zag stitch, then you are all set to sew!

Not sure how the Creative Feet will attach to your machine?

Then check out our feet attachment guide here!

Saves you money!

The Creative Feet Satinedge Foot is truly one of kind.

It replaces the need for a Serger sewing machine and 10 different sewing machine feet!

In fact, you can complete over 27 different techniques with just this foot.

Trivializes the hardest of tasks!

For satin edge stitching, the foot's specialized guide has a metal pin that you sew over which further aids in guiding your fabric. This works so well that you're able to completely let go while sewing with amazing results.

Stitching in a ditch is made painless as you simply rest the guide on the fabric's edge and let the foot guide for you!

Since you're not staring at the needle you're able to do needle turn applique using a 1 mm width with ease (usually hand-sewn because of its difficulty).

Check out the videos on this page to see it in action! They're mixed in with the pictures of the foot in case you missed them. :)

Get all the feet!
You can get all the Creative Feet which includes the Satinedge foot by purchasing our Basic or Educational Specials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
patsy ashlock

i havent got to use it

Linda Thowson
New Foot

I haven’t tried it yet. But it looks like just what I wanted.

Joanne Schihl
Don't Know

Haven't tried yet. Too busy with many other things.

Linda Hayes

I am too busy now to use the products.

Glenn Ann
Feed back

Received my Creative Feet Satinedge Foot on a timely matter. Very pleased with the foot. Takes a little while getting use to, once you get the hang of it it is a winner.