Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery hoops
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery of a bald eagle
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery on a hat
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion micro quilting
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion quilting
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion template quilting
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery hoops kit contents
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery hoops kit with dvd contents
Creative Feet Octi-Hoops free motion embroidery hoops replacement handles

Octi-Hoops, Free Motion Embroidery & Quilting Hoops

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  • Free motion embroider on any garment, even baseball caps! 
  • Using handles that feel like a crayon you simply draw with your sewing machine.
  • Free motion quilting is like tracing on paper! You use 2 frames so the quilt is supported.
  • No puckers, ever!
  • Three different size frames to match your project needs!
  • So easy to use, children as young as 3 have embroidered!
  • Use with or without a free-motion foot!
  • Hoop's inner dimensions: 7in, 9in, 11in
  • Free PDF Patterns and Instructions HERE.

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Quick and easy setup!

Simply remove the presser foot, lower your feed dogs and determine if you need to stabilize your project or not with our Hold Light. Then adhere our Stick and Tear stabilizer to the frame. Once you stretch it tight, you are able to lay your fabric on top and it holds it down so you won't need a free-motion foot. Then rest your hand on the sewing machine and draw using the handles we include with each kit!

Free-Motion embroidery, also known as Thread Painting, has never been easier!

Be sure to check out the videos, within the product images, to see just how easy it is!

Need inspiration to get started?

If you need a little inspiration you can print out any design you like onto our Stick and Rinse stabilizer using an inkjet printer or you can print a design on paper and trace over it with our Stick and Rinse, or our Clear Cover Up using markers.

Then you place the Stick and Rinse, with your design now on it, on top of your fabric like a giant sticker and sew through it.

When you're finished sewing, the Stick and Rinse stabilizer will simply wash away and you're left with a beautiful work of fabric art! Join our Free School to have access to the FREE PATTERNS we mention in our video content.

How does it work for Quilting?

For quilting, you won't need any stabilizer. You'll place either the large or medium frame beneath the fabric and then place the next size down frame on top sandwiching the fabric between them. This will hold the fabric eliminating puckers and fabric slippage. Then place handles in the frame on top and begin sewing.

Be sure to check out the videos, within the product images, to see it in action!

Do I need a free-motion foot?

With the Octi-Hoops, the use of a foot is optional! It is however recommended in some cases, such as when sewing on baseball caps.

If you feel the free-motion presser foot is in the way, as you quilt or embroider, removing the foot is a dream come true! Removing the foot resolves the issues related to using one such as puckers on the top and bunching on the bottom.

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Lizzie Gibson

I purchased these hoops wanting to mostly do monogram. I tried out yesterday (I was not very optimistic) and was pleasantly surprised! On my ver first try, the monogram was clearly legible only going out of the lines in a couple spots. With tension adjustment and completely removing the foot made a world of difference! I would definitely recommend these hoops to anyone wanting to do free motion!!! Thank you so much Clare!!!

Irene Hall
my order

i recieved the thread and basting glue I ordered and it was great.

I recieved the thread and basting glue I ordered but not the light box.. I saw you have gotten them in stock but it would be nice to get an update on time frame you will be shipping out. Thanks..

Jane Dunne Stevens
Lol can’t see them!

As they are a Christmas present from my husband I can’t see them till Christmas! I am dying to see them and try them.,

Mary RoyceMozal

I’m very excited about getting them. Cannot wait to jump in and use them. I’m glad to have them if my daughter decides to have a head piece. Planning to practice this weekend with them. Have all the creative feet for years and enjoy them. Lookin forward to using another product from you XThanks for the videos and all the great products you carry. Mary

Shirley Swapp
Satinedge Foot

I love, love, love it!! I wanted to try it and I had an embroidered Christmas ornament that was reversible. It was glued together and looked just awful. I used the Satinedge Foot and now it looks wonderful and very neat! Thank you! Will use often in the future.

Thank you for sharing!
How exciting! I'm so pleased that the Satinedge foot helped you improve the look of your keepsake ornament!