About Creative Feet

Creative Feet began its journey in 1989 when Clare Rowley set out to help a woman, who was legally deaf/blind, to sew independently. Modifying an existing foot she came up with her first prototype foot that helped guide the fabric. It worked so well that her father even used the foot to help sell sewing machines in his store.

Working with a machine shop they did these modifications in bulk but soon couldn't keep up with demand. Clare then molded and carved an improved version of the foot that would be used to create an injection mold so the company could increase production. This is when the Satinedge Foot got its name. The Pearls & Piping Foot & Sequins & Ribbon Foot were invented and put into production shortly after.

She began selling the Creative Feet at shows around the country and on the Home Shopping Network where she would sell thousands of feet in minutes. Along the way the shanks were created and the feet were again modified to allow them to fit all sewing machines.

Today the company is located in Prescott Valley, Arizona and continues to manufacture the Creative Feet sewing machine presser feet and Octi-Hoops free motion hoops. Clare operates the retail side of her business online at creativefeet.com and strives to make sewing as simple and fun as possible.