Creative Feet Attachment Guide

Each of the Creative Feet attach to all sewing machines by simply snapping them on!

Some sewing machines will need to use one of the 4 included presser feet snap-on adapter variations (low, high, slant, & super high shanks).

The included adapters are necessary if:

  1. Your sewing machine does not have snap-on presser feet.
  2. Your sewing machine's snap-on adapter is wider or narrower than the Creative Feet 7mm snap-on bar.

If you know which shank your machine uses you'll simply select the correct one, otherwise you can compare the included adapters to your machines shank.

Also the Creative Feet come with more detailed instructions to help you with this process!

Some Bernina sewing machine models also require a low shank adapter. These are manufactured by Bernina and allow you to use low shank feet like the Creative Feet. Many of you will have already purchased one of these, but if you haven't we offer them here as well!