What are the Creative Feet?

The Creative Feet are a collection of three unique sewing machine presser feet that enable you to sew easier, better and faster, as you set out to achieve your sewing dreams!

These feet have been a show favorite at sewing, quilting and embroidery shows for over 32 years. They work to help guide the fabric and trims for you making even the most challenging sewing techniques - that would normally be sewn by hand, now possible by sewing machine!

In 1994, I developed the snap on adapters that allow the Creative Feet sewing machine presser feet to attach to nearly all sewing machines! Even the most basic of machines can be transformed into a more creative sewing machine, even if it’s over 50 years old!

Each of the Creative Feet have unique features that I have broken down on a foot by foot basis below.

Creative Feet Sewing Show Clare Rowley

Satinedge Foot

The Satinedge Foot got its name because it allows you to sew a satin stitch on the raw-edge of the fabric like a Serger. It was designed for a blind and deaf student of the Braille Institute’s tailoring program. She wanted to use Serger techniques with her regular home sewing machine that I modified for her.

The foot helps guide your fabric straight even while using a straight stitch for normally challenging techniques like ¼” seams, topstitching, edge stitching and stitching in a ditch. With the Satinedge sewing machine foot, you can have fun with creative techniques like raw edge applique, patchwork applique or blanket stitch applique because the foot’s guide makes these techniques easier than with any other foot!

Many who own and use the Satinedge Foot call it “The Magic Foot” because it does all this and more, without the need to watch the sewing machine needle!

Satinedge Foot - Sewing Machine Presser Foot

Pearls & Piping Foot

The Pearls & Piping Foot, was originally designed for a woman who suffered from severe arthritis. She wanted to sew pearls on wedding veils by machine because hand-sewing was too painful. It is unique to all other feet capable of sewing pearls or piping.

The bottom of the foot has an A-shaped tunnel that supports a wide variety of widths of round trims that cannot flatten when you press down on them such as beads, wire, chain cord, and piping aka welting.

The foot adjusts to your sewing machine’s needle position and allows you to let go of the trim as you sew! Not only does it make embellishing your fabric simple, but it can also gather your fabric instantly and is fantastic for sewing in zippers!

Pearls & Piping Foot - Sewing Machine Presser Foot

Sequins & Ribbon Foot

The Sequins & Ribbon Foot is the official “couching foot” however, all 3 of the Creative Feet are capable of some couching techniques.

This foot with the additional Accessory Guides is fabulous at holding just about all sizes of yarns, sequins, ribbons, and ricrac for you so you can let go of the trim and spin the fabric around in just about any direction as you stitch them in place on your fabric.

No need to watch your needle or worry about the trim being positioned under the needle it just works! Its also great for elastic as it holds on tight so you can sew it without needing to pull the fabric from behind the foot!

Sequins & Ribbot Foot - Sewing Machine Presser Foot


  • I purchased all three Creative Feet last year after seeing them demonstrated on TV. They have increased my sewing skill exponentially. I recently finished a baby’s memory quilt which included applique and ruffles. It turned out beautifully. I could not have completed the special pieces of this quilt much less done it so well without the assistance of the Creative Feet. I am grateful for them every time I sew.

  • The Satinedge presser foot is great! I learned about it through this web site and put it to use hemming the edge of a round tablecloth. It worked wonderfully!! I’m quite the amateur with sewing, but this product made my finished project look professional. I made a video about my experience: https://youtu.be/onuPMqiU7qQ and want to encourage everyone to try something new like this.
    – Scott

  • creative feet will take you sewing skills up to a level that you will not believe! They make sewing a circle painless and you can almost do it with your eyes closed!!! if you have any hand or wrist issues theses feet are a must have!!

    susan vaughn
  • I really don’t know how I got along without the satin edge foot. It has made piece quilting so much better and accurate.
    Bought all the feet at Paducah , Ky (where I live) quilt show a few years ago. Thank you so much Clare. So glad i stopped at your booth that day.
    Donna Trogolo

    Donna Trogolo
  • I love all her Clare’s Creative Feet, awesome to work with, so helpful, thanks so much Clare to make our sewing a dream. Encourage whom haven’t try to please do, you’ll be glad you did from a very happy customer, don’t get any commission for saying the truth but love other persons could feel the same way i do. Thanks & be safe,

    Sara Alicea

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