Vintage Style Wood Fabric Pressers

Vintage Style Wooden Pressers
Vintage Style Wooden Pressers
Vintage Style Wood Presser Seam
Vintage Style Wood Presser Seam

Available in many different colors!

  • Handmade by Clare Rowley!
  • Every presser is unique!
  • No wood stain used 100% fabric-safe!
  • Press as you go for piecing without an iron!
  • Easy on your hands! Ergonomic shape!
  • Both left and right-handed friendly!

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Ships from the United States.

Each presser is handmade by Clare Rowley and therefore, time-sensitive. If you order, expect delays in shipping as they are popular. We are currently running 2 weeks for your presser's completion. 

Presser Options

Every presser is handmade, unique and available in a variety of colors!

Wood Fabric Presser - Blue Hornet

More Information

Our vintage style wood pressers are handmade using a lathe, which means no two are exactly the same! Each presser is made from stabilized wood that has been made heat-safe against your hot iron. They are also strong and nearly indestructible! Your hands are a big consideration in our unique design. Clare has designed the shape to protect your hands from becoming sore and are provided with 2 sides to choose from as you press your way through the completion of a quilt with hundreds of pieces, without the need to use your iron.

Make your quilt faster, by eliminating the wait time for your iron to get hot and be more precise as you press!

Why use a wooden presser?

When you have many small pieces of fabric to press it can be very annoying keeping an iron hot and ready. Also great to have handy when you want to press something and you don't want to wait for your iron to get hot.

What makes our pressers special?

In this video, you will see why our pressers are so popular! We stabilize the wood using resin, cook them and then turn each one by hand on a lathe. This makes the wood heat resistant, and stronger than unprepared wood. You will love the comfort of our ergonomic design and likely find it is your go-to tool for just about every project.


How to use your Wood Presser Video!

Clare making a Wood Presser Video!