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Basting Glue, Liquid Baste

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  • Water soluble stabilizer in liquid form!
  • Non-toxic and safe to use on fabrics!
  • Use to hold trims or zippers in place before sewing!
  • Fantastic for working on design ideas because it washes out!
  • Comes in a 1.6oz / 48ml squeeze bottle!
When do I use it?

Amazing anytime you want to temporarily fuse fabrics or trims to one another, knowing it'll rinse out after you sew!

Safe to use!

Non-toxic, won't damage fabrics and doesn't gum up your needle. You can wash it out or simply rinse it clean with cool or warm water. Even steam from an iron can break the bond.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Liquid Baste is the best thing to happen to my sewing in years! Since it's water soluble and stabilizes the fabric it's awesome for piecing anything cut on the bias. Just a few dots of this stuff where I used to put pins not only holds the fabric in place but also keeps its shape. No more HFTs that aren't square. And one bottle lasts forever. I absolutely recommend this item.

No More Pins

Liquid Baste is the best! It not only bastes so I don't need pins, it also holds the fabric's shape when sewing pieces on the bias. It's easy to use and it's water soluble so once the project is washed it's gone. Nothing left in your quilt that you don't want.

ALICE Murray
great way to baste a hem

I've used the product 3 to 4 times already. It does a great job of holding a hem in place without pins. Topstitched and did a coverstitch and it worked great with both.

Cheryl Blaker
Like using glue for basting small areas

This is my first experience with using glue for basting with applique or other similar uses. This works well but I would prefer a very thin applicator. There are two sizes here which is a great idea. I just find I would like the smaller applicator to be very fine in order to get pinprick size drops.

Janet Sandgran
Basting Glue and liquid baste

Both very helpful to avoid shifting which sometimes occurs when trying to pin.