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Creative Feet Techniques Video

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  • Shows over 60 techniques using the Creative Feet sewing machine presser feet!
  • 2 hours of extreme close up sewing technique footage!
  • See the techniques in the Creative Feet Workbook completed!
  • Available on DVD (NTSC) or USB Flashdrive!
  • Cross-platform compatible with Mac/PC.
Extreme close up video!

The Creative Feet Techniques Video was filmed using close-up videography, so you can really see what Clare Rowley is teaching you as she shows you how to complete each of the 61 Creative Feet techniques.

This video is for the Creative Feet sewing machine presser feet that are designed to fit all sewing machines with a zigzag stitch.

Works with Creative Feet Workbook!

The techniques are broken down by each Creative Feet sewing machine presser foot and works hand in hand with the Creative Feet Technical Guide & Workbook.

The workbook details the tension, stitch type, stitch length, needle to use, thread and more for every technique, while the video shows you the technique start to finish.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lyn Francis
Excellent Service and Company

I have been a Creative Feet convert for about 3 years give or take, and have purchased all the feet ,octi hoops,Workbook and can't wait to get the technical guide, Clare's video and Zoom chats are so informative she really is a wonderful teacher and person,her service and knowledge is truly tops. I DO LOVE THE super Schmidt needles she sells we can't seem to get them here in Australia,and also the Invisible thread is wonderful,I use her presser all the time while sewing saves me alot of time. THANK YOU Clare.

Sandy S.
videos are top notch

It took me awhile to figure out how I could jump over to the video that I wanted to see first. Just put in the start time and open. Everyone has been correct, the camera is so close and clear I can stop the video and continue sewing with each step. A great way not only to learn but, I'm finishing up some UFO's (Un Finished Objects).

Mary R
Great Video

I have the workbook from a million years ago but it's nice to see someone actually demonstrate each foot's usage. If only we could come up with a project to use every technique!!

Get the video!

These feet work exactly like the description. Of course, you need to practice a little first. I highly recommend the video. The camera is so close you can see the invisible thread.

Elizabeth Anne Dutton
Creative Feet Technical guide

Very informative. I have not finished every page but appreciate the go to when I need to achieve a technique.