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Clare Rowley's Creative Feet sewing machine feet fit all sewing machines with a zigzag stitch, even industrial sewing machines. Satinedge, designed for a blind sewer, Pearls N Piping, designed for a woman with severe arthritus & Sequins N Ribbon, designed for a fashion designer have been selling world-wide for 25 years!

Clare Rowley's Octi-Hoops make Free-Motion Quilting and Free Motion Embroidery child's play! Be sure to ask your local sewing retailer about our products.

Unlike other sewing machine presser feet, the Creative Feet, each are capable of accomplishing over 20 different sewing techniques, they are easy to use and have been featured on Sewing T.V. shows such as: It's Sew Easy, Creative Living with Sheryl BordenSewing with Nancy, Sew Perfect, America Sews, Kaye's Quilting Friends, Quilt in a Day, Home ShoppingNetwork/HSN.

They are also listed as the 'feet to use' in over 150 different books and publications like the sewing for dummies series and on www.craftsy.com by Carol Ann Waugh and her Stupendous Stitching book. We offer embroidery stabilizers and teach you when to use them for sewing and quilting like the amazing Stick and Rinse!


About Clare Rowley

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Clare Rowley has always been creative, carrying a pad for drawing and another for writing throughout most of her tender years and enjoyed water color painting cards in instead of buying them.  At the age of 16 she purchased her first canvas, brushes and a set of primary color acrylic paint and set out to paint a Scarlet Macaw.

Clare was inspired by her father, Don Rowley when she stood just above his knee and he allowed her to create ear-molds for his patients when he was working with hearing aids. This memory at pre-school age never left her and helped her to believe that she could make something from nothing. She attributes this to the core of her success in life with most of her creative ventures.

She was first introduced to sewing at age 9, by her best friend's Mother using a Treadle machine to complete a pencil case for school. She also loved watching her mother sew and was sewing without patterns by the age of 16 years of age.

Clare Rowley has created unique patterns of her own starting with the frustration she felt at the cost of the wrap-around skirt released in the 70's. She and a friend ventured to the fabric store and pattern-less they cut the shapes she remembered seeing at the store on the skirt. Albeit the skirts were not sewn using traditional methods, because she had no formal training just observation. Clare enjoys figuring out how things work by analyzing first and then study after. This attitude is how unique techniques are formed and how she has created over 88 sewing and countless artistic painting techniques that had not been taught before. 

Her Parents started a sewing machine dealership when she was 19 and she began working with them. She ultimately purchased the domestic division of the store at 25 and continued until the Creative Feet grew to the point that she could no longer handle the store. To learn more about how she invented the Creative Feet click here.

She relocated from Southern California to Prescott Valley, Arizona, where she currently resides. Clare is a factory trained sewing machine mechanic on brands such as Bernina, Janome, New Home, Kenmore, Singer, Necchi, Vigorelli, Nelco, Brother, riccar and a wide array of industrial sewing machines as well. 

Clare also enjoys the art of writing, has recently completed her first Novel Title TBD and hopes to publish it soon. 

Clare is the inventor of all of the Creative Feet sewing machine presser feet, the Thread Dispenser, Octi-hoops free-motion quilting and embroidery frames and the author of Creative Feet Technical Guide & Workbook. 

Her son Vincent, is behind the scenes editing her YouTube series, Clare Rowley's Creative Notions. Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to her YouTube channel.

Clare Rowley inventor of Creative Feet presser feet, the Octi-Hoops embroidery and quilting frames photo for her How to Paint Your Sewing Machine instructional DVD

Clare Rowley Inventor of Creative Feet Sewing Machine Presser Feet

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Clare Rowley Inventor of Creative Feet presser feet and Octi-Hoops appears on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden