Clare Rowley's CREATIVE FEET make a sewing machine act like a sewing machine should!



Clare Rowley Inventor of Creative Feet Sewing feet, Oct-Hoops and educator of sewing, quilting and embroidery in addition to how to paint your sewing machine and how to paint your guitar
Clare Rowley's Creative Feet sewing machine feet fit all sewing machines with a zigzag stitch, even industrial sewing machines. Satinedge, designed for a blind sewer, Pearls N Piping, designed for a woman with severe arthritus & Sequins N Ribbon, designed for a fashion designer have been selling world-wide for 25 years! Clare Rowley's Octi-Hoops make Free-Motion Quilting and Free Motion Embroidery child's play! Be sure to ask your local sewing retailer about our products.

Creative Feet, do over 88 different techniques, are easy to use and have been featured on Sewing T.V. shows such as: It's Sew Easy, Creative Living with Sheryl BordenSewing with Nancy, Sew Perfect, 

Manufactured in the USA


America Sews, Kaye's Quilting Friends, Quilt in a Day, Home ShoppingNetwork/HSN and are also listed as the 'feet to use' in over 150 different books and publications like the sewing for dummies series and on by Carol Ann Waugh and her Stupendous Stitching book. We offer embroidery stabilizers and teach you when to use them for sewing and quilting like the amazing Stick and Rinse!

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