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Thanks for returning my phone call the other day. Thanks to you I have stitched my first design in the square double quilters hoop for the ULT and I am no longer afraid of the hoop (LOL). It was a big cross stitch design and it turned out really great.
Thanks for your help.

Carolyn Hightower

I tried to go into the testimonials and give one myself but was unable to get in. So here I am giving it to you. Hope you can put it in the correct place. Everyone should know how helpfull you are. I met you at a San Mateo Sew & Craft Expo and of course I bought the package. I have done a lot of quilting and just watching you with all your wonderful feet and demos I just couldn"t wait to check it out. I played the video and it was just wonderful to see. You went out of your way to make sure everything was explained and visual.
Thank You
Darlene from California

So good to see you at the Arlington, TX Martha Pullen Market. It's always a pleasure to see you and any now products you have. You are an inspiration. Keep up the "GREAT" work.
Jan Sanchez

Clare - just wanted to let you know that the Giant R for my Janome 9000 was
worth the wait -LOVE IT!!!


My workbook, vol. #1 plus the creative feet video arrived today. How interesting! Haven't had time to view the entire video, but find the illustrations quite clear; information offered is great!
I also enjoyed learning about your background in sewing equipment.
Thanks! Marjorie Ford

Hi Clare... Just received Creative Feet package:) Waited all day and finally came at 6pm.! I have just started reading my book and just wanted to say that I didn't expect to get teary-eyed reading a sewing book:( Sorry about your brother Charles. But so far I am enjoying the book very much! I consider myself an advanced beginner and I think having these feet and instuctional book and the video will help me alot! I am very excited to get started! I want to thank you in advance for all your help. I also liked reading about how the feet came about. You sound like a very caring person and I am glad to be associated with you! So many people these days only care about the "ALL-MIGHTY" dollar bill:( You seem to care about people and I appreciate that!!! So, with that said, I hope to be sharing with you some wonderful projects that I hope to be making soon!! Wish me luck!
Thanks again,

I used your piping foot today to pipe a vest and it was the easiest time piping ever. I love that foot!!! I have the other two too and I hope they are as wonderful. Thank you!
Terri Plake

Thank you for the fast and informative service! I ordered creative feet on Wednesday and had them by Friday. My first project was welting. I used the pearls and piping foot. It was so easy, smooth and fast. The stitches were straight, and I had no problem matching the raw edges. I used a chain stitch, and after stitching the back to the front I removed them. I was finishing a crazy quilt pillow. I also made a jewelry pouch with the Satinedge foot, and the satin stitch. It looks perfect, so easy to align the stitching. Then a friend came over. She makes lamps. She said, "I wish I could sew the beads, and trims on the material for the shades". I just smiled.

P.S. I also cleaned and oiled my machine. Thank you.

I purchased the ribbon and sequin foot recently. What would have normally taken me several hours to complete, took me only a couple using the foot. It's works wonderfully. Thank you.
J Bostic

I just wanted to let you know--I used your piping foot today, to pipe a vest and it was the easiest time piping ever. I love that foot!!! I have the other two-too and I hope they are as wonderful. Thank you! Terry P.

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