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I just tried the Octi-hoops I purchased 3 days ago at the Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA. Clair said to just write and I did and it's an almost perfect signature. I tried it a 2nd time and this time forgot to "write" and was watching the needle/fabric and instantly felt the difference. It was almost like being dizzy. Immediately started "writing" again and, voila!, readable name.

I am doing my happy dance!!!!! Now, can I bring my own chair and get an upfront
place to watch you sew?

I have your CD and love your ideas. I am finding more and more reasons to use
the creative feet in my sewing room. I am even thinking of purchasing another
set so I don't have to transfer them to our lake cabin every other weekend.
(yes, I really do have a sewing machine there too. LOL) Honestly, I am finding
that I use my creative feet more than the feet that came with my Viking sewing

I have another bout of pneumonia this season. A truly unusual thing for me.
That being said, I still have orders to fulfill and being this sick I have never
needed my creative feet more. After my meds with extra codine last night I was
dizzy but thanks to my beading foot I still was able to perfectly sew in piping
and finish 7 purses. So I am still making money! ;-)

I am anxiously awaiting Clare's arrival in Lakeland!!! Anyone anxious

Deborah Powell

Thanks for carrying such awesome products. I use SIA on my commercial machine as well as my home machines. SIA eliminates the need for "Cool Sew" needles that are required for other adhesive backed stabilizers on my commercial machine. The Lingerie thread is a dream for embroidery on the home machines. It decreases the number of bobbin changes and eliminates the lint in the bobbin case. Clare, your help with the various products was invaluable! Thanks again. Anita Hohler

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my hoop. I am using it for all my embroidery projects instead of the one that came with my machine. The S-I-A Sticky-Backed stablizer is a dream to use with the new hoop.

Thanks again,
Donna J Corry
Birmingham, IA

I tried to call you this morning to tell you how much I love that pearls & piping foot – your instructions are so easy – it worked the first time I tried it.

I do believe it would have been harder if I hadn’t watched the video as you have tips on the video that are not in the book.

I am so impressed with you – thanks again for being so sweet (and intelligent).


AT LAST! CLARE~ OMG thank you a million times over. i dunno where creative feet have been for the past 20 years or so that i have had a sewing machine...BUT you helped me out today on how to use a technique...and for the first time in years...i have actually finished a project as i thought it out and wanted it to come out...in about 1.5 hours...WOOHOOO~ bless you....and this product....i have spent money on my crafts, and making the investment in your product and your company, has been the best spent money to date....to think i would have paid a sewing class to help me do what creative feet helped me do tonite.....

im sure you know the joy of sewing and crafting, so you understand my overexuberance....in waiting to receive my workbook and video soon....my nights will never be the same....lol feel better soon.

selma morales

I would like to thank you for your assistance with my recent order for SIA. Only one of the sizes I had requested was available, but you called me and the representative was able to come up with sizes of the product which fit my needs, even better than my original order. I only had enough SIA left for either a 5x7 or two 4x4 embroideries, so I would have been very disappointed if you had just backordered the product. Thanks so much for your great service.
Norma Christopher

Hi Clare,
I just wanted to tell you that I have been using your presser feet since 1992 and I LOVE them. I originally brought them because my old Singer didn't offer too many extra feet. I had to call your company because I wasn't sure which adapter to use and I spoke to you. You were very helpful and gracious. Later, I also used them on several models of New Home machines. I always have great results, no matter which machine I was using. Also very informative was a video that you did. I'm really looking forward to your newsletters. Thank you!
Frances Parenteau

Just a note to tell you that I got my thread dispenser stand in and used it at a friend's house after I got it in the mail. We both liked it and she is ordering one. I had thread I was ready to throw away and it comes off of the holder like a dream and I haven't had a knot or a break since I have used it. I have tried several more expensive thread holders and they broke and/or did not handle the thread like this one does! Thanks so very much.....Sally

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