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I bought the OctiHoops about three years ago and thanks to them I now absolutely love free motion embroidery. I have an embroidery machine but I actually find that I am able to do a design faster by free motion then using my other machine. Plus I can do any design I want that can be drawn or downloaded from the computer, I recommend coloring pages there are so many free ones available. Yesterday at the quilt and craft fair I bought the creative feet. I watched your video first to make sure I understood how to use them and then experimented. I couldn't believe how much easier applique became thanks to the satin foot. No more struggling with curves and my project came out so pretty. The corded foot is so nice I used it to fix some loose trim on a pillow. Then I used the ribbon foot to add some color to the edging of a kitchen towel. I used a double needle and I was so pleased with the results. I can't praise this product enough I will highly recommend them to all my quilt and sewing friends. I also found that I was able to sew a button on with the satin foot. Set stitch width to 2 and the length to zero if you align the bar right in the middle between the holes it sews it on perfectly. Width may have to be adjusted depending on the size of the button. The foot holds the button down very nicely.

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