KLIPit Fabric Clips

KLIPit Fabric Clips
KLIPit Fabric Clips
KLIPit Kubby - Blue
KLIPit Kubby - Blue
KLIPit Kubby Base - Pink
KLIPit Kubby Base - Pink
  • Affordable and strong, pin replacement, clips!
  • Clips have a clear see-through top with 1/4" seam guides!
  • Pressure on fabric is evenly distributed!
  • Easy on your hands! Ergonomic design!
  • Magnetic Kubby to store these and other brands of clips!

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Magnetic Kubby has a lid, swivels and works with other brands of clips as well. The KLIPit Kubby does not include clips!

50 KLIPit Fabric Clips - Assorted Colors

More Information

These are becoming the go to fabric clips as they are ergonomically designed while maintaining a strong hold!

Why use these over other brands?

Seam guides on the bottom make measuring your binding a cinch! Patent pending design helps quilters that have tendon or joint problems in their hands and fingers. Quilters love this clip because its so strong but EASY to hold! Perfect for those corners because this clip has 3/4" reach and wont slip off! Great for piecing, bags, bindings and more!

What's a KLIPit Kubby?

The KLIPit Kubby holds all brands of clips magnetically and swivels 360 degrees, keeping you organized!

Kubby Dimensions:  5.5" x 5.5" x 3.75"