CutterPillar Glow - Light Boards

CutterPillar Glow LED Light Board
CutterPillar Glow LED Light Board
CutterPillar Glow Ultra LED Tablet
CutterPillar Glow Ultra LED Tablet
CutterPillar Glow Ultra Corner
CutterPillar Glow Ultra Corner
CutterPillar Glow Ultra Dark
CutterPillar Glow Ultra Dark
CutterPillar Glow Tote Bag
CutterPillar Glow Tote Bag
  • These light boards are durable, thin and light weight!
  • Lit with super bright LED's meaning it stays cool to the touch!
  • Every light board comes with a see through self-healing cutting mat!
  • Brightest boards on the market with 3 different levels of light!
  • Bring your light board anywhere with glow totes!

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Only the Glow Basic is currently sold out until middle of May!

Product Options

We offer three different models of light tablet and the differences are outlined below in the More Information section!

CutterPillar Glow Basic - Light Board

More Information

These light boards have super bright flicker-free LED lamps that last up to 50,000 hours and never get hot! The boards are very thin and have three levels of illumination controlled by a convenient switch! Gone are the days of bulky light boxes!

Available in 3 different models!

Glow Basic & Glow Premium are the same size except that the premium includes a built-in lithium battery for several hours of wireless power!

Dimensions: 11 x 17” (28 cm x 43 cm) illuminated area

Glow Ultra is the largest & brightest light board commercially available! (Twice as big as Basic & Premium)

Dimensions: 24”x 17” (60 cm x 43 cm) illuminated area

The Glow Ultra does not include a built-in lithium battery due to technical limitations.

Glow Accessories!

Both the Edge to Edge Mat and Tempered Glass add-on's are made to fit the Glow Basic & Premium.

However since the Glow Ultra is exactly twice as big as the Glow Basic & Premium; you can simply buy 2 of each or 1 of each and use them at the same time! 

Tempered Glass

20x harder than normal glass, safety glass that won't break into shards and is scratch/acid resistant! Paints, inks and glues will wash off or for dried stubborn substances you can use a razor to remove them!

Edge to Edge Mat

PVC cutting mat with the grid lines removed and edge to edge coverage so you don't have to worry about damaging your glow board! Non-slip textured bottom so it stays in place on your glow board!

What are the Glow Totes?

They are tough protective neoprene bags with nylon handles and a full zipper for storing your light board! Has an internal separate liner for accessories and an outer zipped pocket for plug and cord!

Each tote also comes with a removable shoulder strap and pad for taking your light board with you on the go!