The Thread Dispenser

The Thread Dispenser
The Thread Dispenser
  • Unique design stores and feeds thread directly to your machine!
  • The eye hook allows thread to unwind before being fed to the machine!
  • Reduces thread breakage, splitting, skipped stitches and more!
  • Easy access to the thread colors you need for your project!

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The Thread Dispenser

More Information

The Thread Dispenser is a thread organizer, that also delivers thread to your machine in a way that helps alleviate many of the issues people experience while sewing.

Reduces common problems

Feeding your thread to your machine with The Thread Dispenser helps reduce thread splitting, breakage, skipped stitches, looped stitches, and machine jamming. You can expect your stitch quality to be more consistent, while keeping your thread organized for the project at hand!

How does it work?

The Thread Dispenser allows the thread to be unwound from the spool in a natural vertical motion which greatly reduces the chance of the thread getting caught. Afterwards the thread is fed to the machine with very little resistance, reducing stress on the machine and alleviating common stitch problems.