Nylon Thread

Nylon Thread
Nylon Thread
  • Great for lingerie, shirts, stretchy fabrics and much more!
  • Thread that stretches with your fabric preventing breakage!
  • Use nylon monofilament thread for invisible stitches!
  • Perfect anytime you need added strength from your thread!
  • Can be used in the needle or bobbin!

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Nylon Thread - White 1500 yd Spool

More Information

Nylon thread is durable and stretchy making it the perfect thread for almost every project!

When to use this thread?

Nylon threads are used by factories for sustainability, durability and stretch quality. So anytime you're working with lingerie, stretch fabric or need added strength then nylon is perfect!

Which fabrics can I use with this thread?

You'll find nylon thread used in car seats, boat seats, outdoor furniture, bathing suits, lingerie, t-shirts, sweat shirts and the list goes on. The stretchy quality of the thread makes it able to withstand the fabric stretching, ensuring the item you make will last as long as the fabric's life.

Can I use this in the bobbin?

When using nylon thread in the bobbin its important you wind at half speed. If your machine only has one speed then only wind your bobbin half full! This is important because the thread stretches and can break plastic bobbins or warp metal bobbins.

If you have to wind your bobbin half full don't worry as the thread is very fine and quite a lot of thread can fit on half a bobbin!

Will it melt?

There was a common misconception spread around that you shouldn't use nylon thread, as it would melt. In fact, the melting point of polyester thread and nylon thread is about the same! So no need to worry about your thread melting!

Polyester Thread: Sticks at 440F & Melts at 483F
Nylon Thread: Sticks at 445F & Melts at 500F