Stick and Rinse Stabilizer

Stick and Rinse Stabilizer
Stick and Rinse Stabilizer

Available in a variety of roll sizes!

  • Locks the fabric bias while you sew and then rinses away when you're done
  • Inkjet printable, great for embroidery templates
  • Great for see-through fabrics, lace making and baby clothes
  • Water-soluble adhesive-backed, clear, non-stretch stabilizer

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Stick and Rinse Product Options

Stick and Rinse 6 in x 5 ft Roll

More Information

Stick and Rinse is a clear stabilizer that has adhesive on one side and fully dissolves in water.

When do I use it?

Anytime you want to stabilize a fabric while you sew or embroider and don't want the support afterwards.

Amazing for thin or see through fabrics!

Stabilize any fabric no matter how thin or see through and then return it to its original state by simply washing it.

Great for fine fabrics, lace, netting, baby clothes, scarves, heirloom projects and more.

Makes couching a dream!

Sew down your favorite trims on the thinnest of fabrics and since the stabilizer washes away you don't pull on your stitches trying to tear the stabilizer away!

Printable surface!

You can print templates and designs onto the stabilizer, and then sew through it like a coloring book. When you're done the ink washes out with the stabilizer!