Stable Rinse Stabilizer

Stable Rinse Stabilizer
Stable Rinse Stabilizer
  • Thin lightweight, non-stretch, water soluble stabilizer
  • Needs only 1 layer to prevent puckers
  • Great for creating free-standing lace or doing cutwork
  • Use on top of fabrics like Minky, terrycloth and velvet

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Stable Rinse Product Options

Stable Rinse 12 in x 20 ft Roll

More Information

Stable Rinse is a lightweight water soluble stabilizer that does not stretch, tears away and remains permanent until rinsed away.

When do I use it?

Use whenever you cannot use our Cover Up permanent topper because the design is open or intricate.

What makes Stable Rinse better than other brands?

Stable rinse is not only stronger but it's thinner so you only need 1 layer to do what others do in 3. As it does not stretch, it is easily torn away when rinsing isn't an option. When you do want to rinse it away you can do so in any temperature of water (in under a minute) and it won't clog your drain.