Fuse and Stick Stabilizer

Fuse and Stick Stabilizer
Fuse and Stick Stabilizer
  • Iron-on fusible stabilizer with adhesive on one side
  • Fuse your applique pieces to fabric, then cut and place using adhesive
  • Repositionable, since you only stick it to main body of fabric, before sewing
  • Inkjet printable surface for perfect applique designs

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Fuse and Stick 10 Sheets

More Information

Fuse and Stick is fusible on one side and has adhesive on the other. This essentially allows you to create fabric stickers.

When do I use it?

Anytime you want to be able to reposition a shape or design on a main body of fabric before you sew. For instance when building a scene and you dont want pieces to move around before you sew them down.

Amazing for open hoop applique!

Fuse to your top fabric preventing puckers and shifting, then reposition it where its needed in the hoop. After your machine outlines the design, cut away the excess and continue!