Bamboo Batting

Bamboo Quilt Batting
Bamboo Quilt Batting

Available in a variety of sizes!

  • 100% Bamboo Batting has many benefits over alternatives!
  • Durable batting that outlasts wool or cotton!
  • Non-toxic and nothing used during growth or to preserve batting!
  • Bamboo batting has inherent antibacterial properties!
  • Drapes which means no more torn or bunched batting!

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Bamboo Batting - Crib 45 in x 60 in

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100% all natural bamboo batting has many amazing qualities that make it our favorite batting!

Durable and Breathable!

Bamboo batting's durability means it outlasts wool and cotton batting. It also drapes well meaning no more tears and bunching of batting in your quilts. It does this while also being breathable, which will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Non-Toxic and Pesticide Free!

Economically friendly and renewable Bamboo batting is an all natural sustainable crop which doesn’t rely on pesticides or fertilizers. If you cut one stalk, two will grow in it’s place.

Inherently Antibacterial?!?

The Japan Textile Inspection Association, has tested the batting and even after 50 times of washing Bamboo fiber has proven that it still possesses excellent anti-bacterial qualities. The test results showed an over 70% death rate for bacteria being incubated on bamboo fibers.