Quilt Binding Video Tutorial

Quilt Binding Tutorial Video
Quilt Binding Tutorial Video
  • Sew your binding by machine, that looks hand sewn when you're done!
  • Mitered corners on both sides, all sewn by machine!
  • Just under 1 hour of step-by-step video instructions!

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Note that this video is also available on Clare's YouTube channel but purchasing helps support her and the channel!

Quilt Binding Tutorial Video

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Takes the guesswork out of binding your quilts, or other projects that require binding, with this step-by-step instructional video!

What does the video cover?

Just under 1 hour of step-by-step instruction showing you how to bind your quilt 100% by machine. Also teaches you about batting, continuous binding strips, how to sew a perfect quarter inch using the Creative Feet Satinedge Foot, and mitered corners on both sides all by machine!

Amazing Results!

One of Clare's customers said she was able to prepare 18 king size quilts for binding the night before sewing them in a single afternoon!