Deco Bob Premium Thread

DecoBob 80 Weight 100% Polyester Cottonized Thread
DecoBob 80 Weight 100% Polyester Cottonized Thread
  • Strong 80wt polyester thread with cotton-like characteristics!
  • Use in place of Silk thread for more sustainability!
  • This ultra-fine thread allows you to wind bobbins with up to 50% more thread!
  • Using thread this fine means you can apply more stitches and line them up closer!
  • Compatible with all size sewing machine needles!
  • Class 15 Bobbins 

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Our finest thread line, InvisaFil, is a remarkable silk-like 100wt, 2-ply cottonized polyester. This ultra-fine but surprisingly strong thread has cotton-like characteristics and negligible stretch while also feeling soft in the hand.

When to use this thread?

InvisaFil makes for super low bulk stitches and virtually “disappears”, making it the ultimate choice for English paper piecing, delicate lace designs, fine fabrics, creating texture when micro quilting, or whenever you don’t want your stitching to show.

Also great for stitching in a ditch when you want subtle color, top stitching, edge stitching and stippling, because the thread is so thin you can apply more stitches and line them up closer.

Makes amazing bobbin thread!

As this thread is 100wt polyester it is very fine which allows you to wind up to 70% more thread on a single bobbin!

Why use this over cotton thread?

Strength. It's behavior makes it a better choice over cotton on any garment or quilt that will ever be stretched. If you make a quilt to hang on the wall, it doesn't matter if the thread is strong, however when you place it on a bed, someone will sit on it - the bed will sink - the fabric will stretch - and the thread will break unless it's strong enough to withstand the fiber's movement when stretched across the bias.

Which fabrics can I use with this thread?

Since the thread is so fine it makes it great for all fabric types!