Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is it safe to use this site?

A) All communication in and out of our site is SSL encrypted using an Amazon certificate. Order payments are processed by Braintree Payments, a subsidiary of PayPal.

Q) I created an account but I cannot login?

A) If you forgot your username, you can check the email you received when you created your account. If you forgot your password, you can use our reset password page. Please feel free to contact us if you still cannot login.

Q) I used the Facebook button to create my account and cannot login?

If you made your account using the "Continue with Facebook" button, you must use the button each time you login. If you still cannot login, verify you can login to and, if not, use their site to recover your account information. After you are able to login to Facebook, you should be able to login here. Please feel free to contact us if you still cannot login.

Q) What does the Continue with Facebook button do?

A) It allows you to use your Facebook login information to instantly create an account & login to our site.

Q) Can I make a purchase without creating an account?

A) You can also contact us via email or phone to place your order.

Q) How do I use a coupon?

A) When checking out there will be a field for you to insert your coupon code and apply it to your order.

Q) How can I find out about coupons and deals?

A) You can sign up for our newsletter that we send out regularly with deals, videos, events, etc.