Shopping Help

Q) Why do I have to become a member to purchase on

A) We use PayPal as our cart "bank" so to speak. Many people have a PayPal account and haven't used it for years. If you have an account with them already and you opt to use the Quick Payment method - we are given the data that you originally filled out with Paypal.

If you moved, didn't complete their form in its entirety or have changed the email address that you used at the time that you created your Paypal account, our form will be completed with old, out-dated information.  Therefore, we require you complete our member sign in to ensure that you receive your product and a copy of your order.

A) If you purchase and have an account with us, you can track your order's process, be notified if there are back ordered items or reasons your order may be delayed.

A) If you create an account you are able to review your past orders to help you order the same item in the future.


Q) How can I purchase without creating an account?

A) You are welcome to call your order into us by calling (800) 776-6938 or (928) 775-3484 for International calls. If you call your order in you will recieve any store discount that we have running when you place your order.


Q) How Do I use a Coupon?

A) If you have not yet signed up as a customer, do that first then enter all items into your cart. Once all items are in cart, click on the CHECKOUT button even if you want to pay using Paypal. You will be able to select paypal as your payment option. Enter Coupon into the coupon box.

Q) How do I get a coupon?

A) Be sure to sign up for our newsletter so you will know when we offer discount coupons. You also may opt to sign up for Clare's Facebook Creative Feet Fan site or join her Twitter.



Shopping help will be hosted here once we get questions about the process of checking out. If you have a question please contact us.