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Been using your feet for about 10 years

Hello, I have been using your feet for about 10 years, well ever since you first introduced them at the needlework show in Sacramento, Ca. They are wonderful, I also have the workbook and the video. Keep up the good work.
Irene in Ok

I just want to thank you

Hi, Clare. I just want to thank you for the Pearls & Piping Foot! I never thought I would actually ENJOY working on piping! But now I do. In fact, when I finished the piping on the top I am currently working on, I love the way the foot guided over the cord when sewing my seams - it was sooooooo easy! You are truly a sewer's angel! Thanks once again. Mary

I just finished watching the new video


Well, I just finished watching the new video that Creative Feet has available. IT IS GREAT! I have used the CF for several years but there are some ideas there that I had not thought of. It works in conjunction with her workbook but I am one of those visual kind of people and this video is a big help. GOOD WORK CLARE!! If you have the CF I would highly recommend contacting your dealer and getting this video. If you don't know of the closest dealer you can find a list here.

Bev in AZ

I agree with Suzanne

Hi Sewing Queen,

I agree with Suzanne. Your video is #1, supercalafragilisticexpyaladocious. Is that spelled right. Oh well you get the point. I am going to be sitting down soon and taking notes in my book. One suggestion, it should come with a small tv/vcr and eight hours of personal hands on lessons from none other than the Sewing Queen Herself. But, until then we will just have to hang at your show. God bless you and you do deserve an award for this one. Bye P.S. I do not mind getting responses from others. Bye again

Lynne Coleman

Thanks for responding

Hi Clare,

Thanks for responding. I did try to help her out and she sent me a thank you as well. I hope she gives you a call. I am almost through with watching the video tape and girl it is FABULOUS!!! The close ups are EXCELLENT! Your calm voice is so easy to listen to and makes it sound like anybody can do this. That helps to make it less intimidating for us scardy cats who are afraid to let our spirits fly. I love the way you have each thing in its timed sequence so if you need to get to a certain subject in a section you know exactly where it is. I am so impressed with this video. I don't know where and how people win awards for videos but you should win one for this one. I guess you can't tell how excited I am about it? Keep up your good work. I know God will continue to bless your talents and give you more wonderful ideas. Thanks for all the input you've already given me. I appreciate your time and attention.

Keep on Keeping on!
Susan Costello

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