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Thank you for the fast and informative service!

Thank you for the fast and informative service! I ordered creative feet on Wednesday and had them by Friday. My first project was welting. I used the pearls and piping foot. It was so easy, smooth and fast. The stitches were straight, and I had no problem matching the raw edges. I used a chain stitch, and after stitching the back to the front I removed them. I was finishing a crazy quilt pillow. I also made a jewelry pouch with the Satinedge foot, and the satin stitch. It looks perfect, so easy to align the stitching. Then a friend came over. She makes lamps. She said, "I wish I could sew the beads, and trims on the material for the shades". I just smiled.

P.S. I also cleaned and oiled my machine. Thank you.

I purchased the ribbon and sequin foot

I purchased the ribbon and sequin foot recently. What would have normally taken me several hours to complete, took me only a couple using the foot. It's works wonderfully. Thank you.
J Bostic

I just wanted to let you know

I just wanted to let you know--I used your piping foot today, to pipe a vest and it was the easiest time piping ever. I love that foot!!! I have the other two-too and I hope they are as wonderful. Thank you! Terry P.

they say patience is a virtue

Hi Clare, they say patience is a virtue and I really must cultivate it a bit more. The order arrived two days ago and to say I'm pleased with it is an understatement! Thank you so much for all the time and effort that must have gone into making the video and the book. The video is so motivating and the ideas just keep coming, also I was really impressed with the close up views of the feet and their uses it is much better than some other videos I've seen. The Hoop-it-all is going to be fun and I find my time is going much too fast so I'll have to have some time management somewhere along the line. So thanks once again and I know my sewing is going to take a big upward curve.
Lesley (South Australia)

Just a big thank you

Just a big thank you for the super fast response on the broken ribbon and sequin foot that I sent to you for replacement on 11/23 as I received the new foot on 12/01. Can't ask for much better service than that. Also want to mention that my serger quit working halfway thru a pair of flannel pj's and the satin edge foot worked great to finish them up, albeit a little slower. Off to learn how to sew elastic on with the ribbon and sequin foot. Again a big thank you for fast service and for all the creative feet.
Anne Vosburg

life saver

The beading foot has been a life saver with this wedding gown. The wedding is next Sat and the bride changed her mind about some of the trim this week. It sure was a lot easier than sewing by hand again.
Thanks and happy holidays!
Mary M Posey

I would like to mention

I would like to mention that I purchased the creative feet awhile ago and as a professional designer and seamstress I must say that I used your pearl/piping foot to apply pearls onto a lace strip for decorative straps on a formal gown for a customer and this foot is a godsend. I buy a lot of feet and attachments, some good, some a waste of time and money, but creative feet never disappoint and I highly recommend them to anyone. Personally, I prefer the creative pearl/piping foot to the 2 Viking piping feet I have. Thank you and I love to have your input on those two hoop it alls, Sincerely,
Marilyn A. Endoh

Just came from a Sew&Quilt Expo

I just came from A Sew&Quilt Craft Expo In Monroeville,PA. I must say that I was impress with the demo on Creative feet. I bought the #3 with video and I am looking forward to getting in to it. I never thought I would buy it, If it makes life easy and faster I'm for it. I can't wait for my Granddaughter to try it too. She 8yrs old She likes to sew too I look for easy things for her that don't take A lot of time. Thanks again for A good product.

Hello to everyone

Hello to everyone,
I am on the email list for Creative Feet and I have seen several mentions of them on various digests so I thought I would pass along this info for those of you that live in these areas. She just had a GREAT turn out at the Sewing and Craft Expo here in Phoenix a couple of weeks ago. Also I might mention that if any of you have the opportunity to purchase her video you will not be disappointed. It is one of the best hands on videos I have ever seen. I think it runs about 2 hours long and she goes into great detail and the camera is right up on the work-not a distant type shot and not her face - just the information that helps you use her feet and get very creative with them.
Bev in AZ

I bought creative feet years ago

I bought "creative feet" years ago and have not used them to their full potential, but have used them on my daughters wedding dress and veil. They installed on my Babylock Esante II and Viking1+ equally easy. Have upgraded to the Designer1 since (love that machine).

I had seen these feet demonstrated at the Cincinnati Convention Center during a show (around) 9 years ago) by the young lady that invented these feet. As I was glancing through your site, I was wondering if this was the same person with the "decoratively painted" sewing machine? I went to the thread lubricant page and low and below there it was - I saw the sprinkles of paint on the close up picture. I loved that idea but don't think I can afford to do that to my Designer baby !!
Butch (female) in N.KY.

P.S. have most of your products but will need more in the future. Glad I bought products from Clotilde Catalogue years ago before "inflation". :-))

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