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Clare I recently purchased


I recently purchased your creative feet and absolutely LOVE them. They do everything you said they would. I love the fact the zipping inserting has become magical. Lol. Made my grandson a sweatshirt and added an applique to the center, he loved it. I have been sewing for a very long time (over 40 years) and am not afraid to try something new! Glad I did. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Philadelphia, PA

Don't be Afraid

I recently bought the Octi-hoops because I watched the youtube video. I had done some machine embroidery with an embroidery machine but had given up and traded in my embroidery machine on a new Bernina series 7, because I was so sick and tired of changing threads, broken threads and never getting the design in exactly the correct place. I have had the Octi-Hoops for about 2 weeks, and have already done more embroidery work in that time, than in the 4 years I had an embroidery machine. They are soooooo easy to use. Don't be afraid folks - just watch the video and try it out. I live on a tiny Island off the coast of Australia, and have no-one to advise or help me. I rely totally on the internet to get all information that I need. So if I can do it, so can you. Just give it a go and you will be surprised at how easy all these products of Clare's are. I also bought the Creative Feet and have used the Satinedge foot continuously for the past 2 weeks. It is absolutely WONDERFUL. I can do things now, I never dreamed of doing before. Go ahead everyone - it is sew easy!!!

applique with satin stitch

I have never been able to get the satin stich on any of my machines to stitch perfectly. Somewhere it would get stuck and pile stitches on it and if I pulled it, the stitches would be to far apart. I tried the satinedge foot as a last resort and it was wonderful. I have beautiful applique around 6 reindeer and 2 sleighs. Thanks so much for you ability to make sewing so easy and rewarding.

A Sincere Thank You!

Clare......it was fantastic seeing you again at the Houston Quilt show. Had a great time watching you as you demonstrated your 'wares' and listening to you with your wealth of knowledge. You never seemed to tire. You are much appreciated for all you do for the seamstresses and for those with special needs.

I read you background on your website and you are truly an amazing woman. Kind, humble, and caring. I could go on but I don't want to flatter you too much! You certainly make life easier for a lot of women for which we are grateful.

May God continue to bless you as you go about doing His work.

By the way, I was the one that was with my daughter and was having a hard time keeping awake....just didn't sleep the night before. I was impressed with you when I first started going the Houston Quilt show many years ago when your sewing machine was pink!!! As a matter of fact, I bought the Creative Feet back then but I bought again last week. Need to look into the hoops also.

Anyway, thanks again to an unbelievably wonderful lady. Your love for people, for God shows. We need a lot more like that.

God Bless you.......Judy

Octi-Hoops Rock!

I just had to write after completing my first King Size quilt that didn't have a single pucker on it! I have to admit, there was a struggle in the beginning... I felt as if I'd never sewn before and then I read on your tutorials that someone said you told them to talk to themselves.... So I did just that!

I didn't care who heard me! LOL I talked my way through the beginning and then realized that I was sewing perfectly on the lines I'd drawn on my sample or practice quilt piece. I was so excited I switched from talking to singing! I sing your praises Clare, to have created these HOOPS!

Everyone should have a set of these and I'm shouting it from the rooftops to all of my friends!

Thank you, thank you thank you!!!!

Keep up the amazing work you do for all of us :) It is appreciated.

Your fan,
Sueanne B.
Clearwater, FL.

Had to share

Clare Rowley is a superstar in my book, what she has offered to the sewing world with creating creative feet is a landmark for seamstress everywhere. I wish I could visit her Store and meet Clare in person, it would be totally awesome. I love her hoops and her creative feet for all my sewing projects. I can hardly wait until I retire so that I can spend more time with my wonderful products. Thank you Clare for all you do for the sewing industry in a whole. I recommend all her products and love her web site.

I waited a long time to save up the money to purchase everything, and I did just that purchased almost one of everything and loving every product. Just wish there were more hours in the day to do so much more. Again thank you Clare. (hopefully I spelled everything correctly).

Techniques 120 minute video

In a word: AWESOME!!! I already had the workbook, and it's good, but the *Techniques* DVD is a Master Class you can take (over and over) in your jamies. BTW, I watched it on my computer. All I had to do was insert the DVD, then click on _computer_, then on the drive that had the DVD. That was all I had to do.

Thanks for a great DVD.
Gayle Roberson


I am sewing, for the first time,2 fully-lined (in silk) wool coats for my twin, almost-three-year-old, granddaughters. I ran into a bit of trouble while putting piping (silk, I made it, too) on the peter pan-type collars over a thick wool ruffle. This is my first self-made silk baby-piping, so I wanted it to look perfect on these darling coats, and I dug through my stash of presser feet(I seem to collect them) to find my "piping foot". What a disaster THAT foot was! I spent nearly an entire day of sewing trying to get the piping samples to turn out nicely! Then, after trying several different feet I have, I finally decided that the skinny 1/4" old, ' low-shank zipper foot was the one that gave me the closest results, but after piping the edges, I noted the piping definitely looked "homemade" rather than hand-fashioned'. (you get the drift) I went on to pipe the cuffs after the embroidering of them, and met with a slightly improved piping over that on the collars, - likely because it was a straight line- no curves and no ruffle to sew over. Oddly, I decided to put the project down and go online to see if there is such a thing as the piping foot I had imagined would be in my stash- but was definitely not. After a few false moves, I saw Clare's website, and !LO! There it WAS! Not only that, I totally forgot my sewing time for the day as I dug deeper into her site. She had invented a fix for EVERY one of my sewing fits and frustrations! So, of course, I ordered the least costly feet-package, because I was sure, after looking at a few of the videos, that I would need them all. The month's phone bill could WAIT! (I could not.) Let me just say this is the VERY best purchase I have ever made in sewing goodies, and Girls, I have a TON of sewing goodies, -if you include my fabric stash! I would take this pearls and piping foot over that 4 yds of gorgeous denim-looking silk in my stash any day! as soon as my new feet came in the mail, (VERY FAST!)I opened up the seams on the sleeves of the coats, to use the pearls and piping foot to go over the piping that I'd placed- it was a bit baggy here and there, and I was going to have to press the fabric carefully to cover that mess- and the pearls and piping foot TOTALLY fixed all of the piping problems! It has a deep enough V underneath to handle any piping I will ever sew into a garment or onto a fabric, and enough foot left that its still stable and wont slide off the piping and cause a wreck! It improved my piping so much that I also went over the collars- I had already determined I would need to remake the collars from 'go' because I had (apparently) lost my mind and trimmed some of the edges past the seams, not remembering that excess was going to help me place the collars correctly against the neckline. The Pearls and Piping foot handled ALL that curved bulk; thick wool ruffle AND piping; no problem, and totally improved the look of the piping on the collars as well. its a jewel, folks, and don't even bother trying to lay piping without it! Save yourself the headache! Thanks, Clare, for improving my little world!

Prompt service!

I ordered from you for the first time and I'm so impressed with the prompt service! I ordered on Monday and received my items on Wednesday! Wow! I can't wait to go play with my Sequins 'N Ribbon creative feet! Thanks so much!

Top stitching

I recently purchased your feet and just a day ago I used the satin edge foot to topstitch a jacket I am making. It has a lapel which, in fact, is the facing folded back and no back collar. Well, it is suggested that the top stitching be done on the outside of the lower jacket and then where the button is to switch to the facing side to topstitch and on the back neck to stitch again on the outside of the jacket - in the end the tails are pulled to the back and then tied off. Well, this means starting and stopping several times and ALWAYS connecting the topstitching. I tried the satin edge foot and every time I repositioned the jacket to continue topstitching it matched - no effort needed to connect the stitching lines - AWESOME Thank you. Beverly Toret

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