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jeanette AUSTRALIA

Just needed to let you know my order was placed in western Australia on 15/4/16 received on 22/4/16. Delighted with my purchase, will write again when I have had a chance to use all these wonderful gadgets' Thank you for fast delivery

Phoenix Show

I attended the show at the fairgrounds this past Saturday & came upon Clare's booth. My friend & I spent almost an hour watching Clare demonstrate her Creative Feet & listening to her instructions & tips. We were awestruck & could not leave until I purchased the Creative Feet Kit for myself. I am a very novice sewist, not having sewn since high school, some 50 years ago! I can't wait to use the feet myself! Thank you Clare for a wonderful product!

Amazing Service

I'm pretty sure I can hear choirs of angels singing. I have a new Bernina, but wanted a couching foot they don't sell. I wanted it to complete a Christmas project, and since we were already into December, I was sure I wouldn't get it in time to complete the project, but ordered it anyway. It came 3 days later, with plenty of time to spare for me to work on the gift. None of the huge companies I have ordered from this year were nearly that quick to get my orders out. A huge thank you to this wonderful company!!

Great Invention!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Octi-Hoops. As a national educator and inventor myself, I teach a lot of free motion work and have actually had the pleasure of teaching in Korea. I love the ease of using the Octi-Hoop and the fact that it does not stress the fabric in any way. The results were fantastic. I also love that the Octi-Hoop holds the fabric tight enough to the bed of the machine that a foot is optional. This allows you to see your project clearly while stitching! Great product. I whole heartedly recommend to everyone who loves free-motion work and to beginners. You can do this! Thank you, Clare!


I was so amazed this morning to get a call from Clare to speak to me about my order.
This is awesome customer service. Thank you Clare.

Clare you are an amazing woman!

I hesitate to tell you my story as it's a little embarrassing! I purchased the HIA system about 6 years ago, yes 6 years and never used it! I'm generally not fearful but I allowed myself to be this time thinking I would 'break' the machine if I didn't do it right. I contacted Clare about a year after I bought it and she was extremely patient and helpful but I couldn't 'see' what I need to do! The poor system just got moved from one place to another in my sewing room always in view thinking 'someday'. Well that someday just happened and I am so totally in awe at how easy the system is! Hubby and I took a little vacation to beautiful Prescott and I remembered Clare is ther. So I called very last minute and asked if Clare could see me for a one on one. To my joyous amazement she responded quickly and happy to help me. I carted most of my machine and hoops.
Clare your patience and understanding is wonderful. I left there knowing how to use HIA. The system is not difficult at all PLUS I now can digitize larger designs. What this has done is upgrade my machine without paying the price to.
The stabilizer holds the fabric nicely and allows my designs to sew out without puckering or stretching.
I also purchased the OctiHoops but I've been so busy with HIA I haven't had the time to try them out.
The support received from Clare is better than I have received from anyone else. The videos you are doing will certainly continue to enhance the use of all your products.
You and your staff are without question THE BEST!!!!
From CA

Clare I recently purchased


I recently purchased your creative feet and absolutely LOVE them. They do everything you said they would. I love the fact the zipping inserting has become magical. Lol. Made my grandson a sweatshirt and added an applique to the center, he loved it. I have been sewing for a very long time (over 40 years) and am not afraid to try something new! Glad I did. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Philadelphia, PA

Don't be Afraid

I recently bought the Octi-hoops because I watched the youtube video. I had done some machine embroidery with an embroidery machine but had given up and traded in my embroidery machine on a new Bernina series 7, because I was so sick and tired of changing threads, broken threads and never getting the design in exactly the correct place. I have had the Octi-Hoops for about 2 weeks, and have already done more embroidery work in that time, than in the 4 years I had an embroidery machine. They are soooooo easy to use. Don't be afraid folks - just watch the video and try it out. I live on a tiny Island off the coast of Australia, and have no-one to advise or help me. I rely totally on the internet to get all information that I need. So if I can do it, so can you. Just give it a go and you will be surprised at how easy all these products of Clare's are. I also bought the Creative Feet and have used the Satinedge foot continuously for the past 2 weeks. It is absolutely WONDERFUL. I can do things now, I never dreamed of doing before. Go ahead everyone - it is sew easy!!!

applique with satin stitch

I have never been able to get the satin stich on any of my machines to stitch perfectly. Somewhere it would get stuck and pile stitches on it and if I pulled it, the stitches would be to far apart. I tried the satinedge foot as a last resort and it was wonderful. I have beautiful applique around 6 reindeer and 2 sleighs. Thanks so much for you ability to make sewing so easy and rewarding.

A Sincere Thank You!

Clare......it was fantastic seeing you again at the Houston Quilt show. Had a great time watching you as you demonstrated your 'wares' and listening to you with your wealth of knowledge. You never seemed to tire. You are much appreciated for all you do for the seamstresses and for those with special needs.

I read you background on your website and you are truly an amazing woman. Kind, humble, and caring. I could go on but I don't want to flatter you too much! You certainly make life easier for a lot of women for which we are grateful.

May God continue to bless you as you go about doing His work.

By the way, I was the one that was with my daughter and was having a hard time keeping awake....just didn't sleep the night before. I was impressed with you when I first started going the Houston Quilt show many years ago when your sewing machine was pink!!! As a matter of fact, I bought the Creative Feet back then but I bought again last week. Need to look into the hoops also.

Anyway, thanks again to an unbelievably wonderful lady. Your love for people, for God shows. We need a lot more like that.

God Bless you.......Judy

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