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There are several different categories that make up the entire sewing industry and despite their differences, if we sew with a needle and thread, we are all in-fact sewing.

If you think about it, is there a moment in a day when sewing isn't touching you? Whether it be the mattress you sleep on, the blanket that covers you, the shoes you wear  or the tent you camp in - there are few moments where sewing doesn't touch your life.

Just as sewing touches your life in many ways each day, the Creative Feet touch sewing. There isn't any aspect of sewing that the Creative Feet don't make easier, more accurate and more pleasurable.

Painted sewing machine

Whether we are sewing a quilt together, sewing a prom dress or re-upholstering our favorite chair, we are all sewing. Keeping that in mind and it will help you to feel more confident as you begin this incredibly satisfying art form.

Products for all Types of Sewing


Our Sequins N Ribbon foot helps you:

  • Sew amazing costumes designs as it easily guides through trims allowing you to sew down sequins, ribbons and decorative flat braids.
  • Sequins N Ribbon with the  Accessory Guides allows you the freedom of movement needed to perform Couching. The yarn is so easy to sew down that you can write out a poem with yarn.
  • Sewing all sizes and types of elastic is so simple anyone can accomplish sewing it in. One of the amazing aspects of sewing elastic with the Sequins N Ribbon foot is that you never have to pull the elastic from behind the foot. Even the see-through rubber elastic easily slides through our hands-free guide and it doesn't stick to the foot.
  • Crazy Quilting is another popular technique that the Sequins N Ribbon foot will make simple and fun.

It makes sense that there would be rules for sewing that apply to how the fabric, thread and needle work together and we are here to assist you in making those decisions so your project not only looks great but to also ensure that it will last long enough to become an heirloom.

Our sewing feet will make all of your sewing projects easier and more refined than if you used older more tedious methods. What is amazing is that these techniques are easier and faster than methods used in the past. Another foot that makes your once difficult sewing tasks simple is Satinedge which was originally designed for a blind sewer.


Our Satinedge foot Helps You:

  •  Achieve the perfect satin stitch on applique projects and you will love how easy it is to see. Never miss the edge because you never watch the sewing machine needle! Never have to stop with the needle down when pivoting and pivot less than you ever imagined possible. This circle was done without stopping or pivoting and yet the stitches are all perfect!
  • Top Stitching around pockets or edge stitching on garments and home decorating items is so simple you'll want to add these touches to your projects because you'll be accurate and never have to rip out those stitches.
  • Stitching in a Ditch is also simple, if you've ever struggled to keep your needle in tight spaces you will be amazed at how easy it is with Satinedge.
  • You can use the Satinedge foot to do lettuce edges without stretching the fabric from behind the foot.


Our Pearls 'N Piping foot helps you:

  • Sew beads, pearls or rat tail cording right on the raw edge of bridal veils. You don't have to pay the extremely high prices that wedding veils sell for. Simply purchase the Pearls 'N Piping foot and sew them on in minutes.
  • You will love how easy once challenging projects are using the Pearls 'N Piping foot. It will hold piping in place allowing you to complete any home decorating project. Re make any chair pad or re-cover that sofa with confidence knowing the corded piping will be sewn in perfectly. When piping becomes simple, you will be tempted to go even farther with your decorating and add other sewing trims to the edge of your corded piping!
  • Sewing in zippers is simple! Pearls 'N Piping sits over the teeth of the zipper so your stitches are always the exact distance away. Glue zipper down before sewing using our Basting Glue to make sewing in zippers even easier.
  • Sewing ruffles on dresses or pillows was frustrating before Pearls 'N Piping foot, now it's easy because the foot gathers your fabric for your thread won't break. It gather's all weights of fabric and once gathered you are able to adjust the fabric so it is consistent the entire length of your garment, pillow or curtains.
  •  The wedding veil shown below was made using the Sequins N Ribbon foot and Pearls 'N Piping foot together. You will find that the Creative Feet will help you to create incredible works of art when used together.

Wedding veil with beads, pearls, sequins and satin edging made with Creative Feet Pearls N Piping foot and Sequins N Ribbon foot



sewing sequins and trims with sequins N ribbon foot making perfect costumes

Sequin Ribbon foot Couching yarn

Satinedge foot Satin Stitch Applique
 Edge stitching usine the satinedge sewing foot that fits all sewing machines

 sewing stitch in a ditch with satinedge sewing machine foot that fits all sewing machines

Pearls N Piping foot beaded bridal veil

 pearls being sewn down using the Pearls N Piping foot by Creative Feet
Pearls N Piping sewing machine foot sew piping and add beads or pearls to finished projectrhinestone zippers by saymor polytex can easily be sewn down using
 Pearls N Piping foot by Creative Feet

Listing of Different Types of Sewing

Garment Sewing -

  • Children -
  • Teen -
  • Women -
  • Men -

If you examine further you will realize that within each of these categories there are even more ways that we can break it down.

  • Sleep wear
  • Swim wear
  • Athletics
  • Costumes
  • Formal
  • Couture

Home Dec (Decorating) Sewing

  • Pillows -
  • Bedding - Sheets - Slip Covers - Quilts
  • Curtains
  • Draperies
  • Seat Cushions
  • Upholstery
  • Table Runners
  • Place Mats

Automotive / Aquatics / Boating / Camping / Sporting / Gardening / Special Interest / Crafting

We've probably neglected to list some types because there are so many different ways to sew and so many different things to sew!

There is really no end to the items you may want to sew and finding the right supplies makes all the difference to your success. You will be pleased to know that the Creative Feet presser feet all are used for all that we've listed. You will never have to buy them again because they fit all sewing machines with a zigzag stitch and they are warranteed for life!