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Is a timeless art that continues to flourish throughout the world and is enjoyed by "male and female's alike". Whether you enjoy hand quilting, free motion quilting, crazy quilting or strip quilting, you are a quilter!

You may have heard that there are specific rules to quilting, however what is most important is that the methods used create the end-result we're wanting to create. 

If you plan to hang the quilt on a wall, it is not as important what methods you choose to accomplish the "look" you're aiming for. If you plan to lay the quilt on a bed and have someone actually "sit" on the bed, then it matters what threads, needles and techniques are used or the quilt may begin to fall apart.

If you are making a quilt for a bed - one that will be "sat" on then you need to be sure to use a needle that won't "cut" the fibers. Use of a Universal needle with a (lite ball-point) should be used to eliminate risk of cutting the fibers and ultimately making a quilt that will tear along the seams.

Drunkered path Quilts and patchwork

Your thread choice is important as well...

Piecing fabric pieces together using a straight stitch makes it easier to "mathematically" lay-out your quilt, however, a straight stitch is not stretchy and is vulnerable to breakage from stretching. When a quilt is sat on, fibers move and the fabric stretches across its bias. If the thread isn't stretchy-the stitches will break. This is why we offer stretchy threads under the "Threads" link on our site.

Nylon, is the stretchiest thread and great for seams when quilting and other types of sewing. If you are wanting a choice of color and an alternative to cotton, quilting thread - you will LOVE Invisifil. You'll find both threads and explanations for use on the pages dedicatied to teaching you about the threads we offer and why we opt to supply you with these under the "Threads" link. 


Products for Quilters

Below are products we offer at Creative Feet that make the art of quilting so much easier and fun.

Our Satinege foot helps you:

  • Sew 1/8 Inch, 1/4 Inch or Scant 1/4 Inch seams ( and other sizes )
  • Stitch in a ditch.
  • Binding is done as you would by hand except you skip the hand stitch and when done, it looks like you sewed the binding on by hand! Technique: Invisible Binding and also Speed Binding .
  • Invisible Applique' is a technique covered inside our Creative Feet Technical Guide and Workbook that shows you how to applique rounded shapes like hearts and when sewing is complete you cannot tell that it was appliqued. It appears as if you did "Needle Turning" a hand technique. This technique is stronger than the hand stitch so there is no need to worry if someone jumps on top of your quilt when done.
  • Trapunto Applique' is where an area on the project is stuffed to make it become 3-D, is simple and can be created using Petite or Invisible Applique' techniques.
  •  Sewing Inside Curves is normally difficult, however the Satinedge foot makes it simple, see for yourself right now by watching a video showing how it is accomplished. Sewing Inside Curves

Our Pearls 'N Piping foot helps you:

  • Inlay beads and cords into the fabric before you cut the fabric and then piece it into your quilt. The beads end up inside the fabric instead of on top of the fabric. You can then lay down on top of the quilt and not feel the beads at all as they fall into the batting!
  • Bind your quilts using piping in have the time of traditional binding and stitch in a ditch on the back side of the quilt instead of on top - this way you can see the backing and make sure you're catching the back.
  • Gather fabric ruffles to add a ruffle to the border for children's quilts.

Our Sequins 'N Ribbon foot helps you:

  • Crazy Quilts have never been easier than with the Sequins N Ribbon foot. It guides the sewing trims down right under the needle for you so your hands are free to guide the fabric.

Our Octi-Hoops help you:

  • Free Motion Quit and Stipple without even holding on to the quilt! No sewing machine foot is used so there is no puckers, no need to start in the middle of the quilt and work the puckers out because there NEVER are any puckers! Ever!

Satinedge foot Quarter Inch SeamsSatinedge Foot Stitching in a DitchSatinedge Foot Petite Applique 


 satinedge foot drunkered path quilts

Pearls Piping Foot Inlay beads into qults 

Quilt Blocks
 embroidered on our Quad Square Free Frame

Free-Motion Quilting without holding onto the quilt no puckers EVER! Creative Living TV Show with Sheryl Borden


Done using the Creative Feet and Octi-HOOPS

 Art Quilting with Creative Feet and the Octi-Hoops is fun and easy! www.creativefeeet.com