Fuse and Fuse

Fuse and Fuse

Permanently Bonds Fabrics Together

This is the perfect product for creating appliqués and for no-sew projects! It holds securely for the entire sewing process and comes on a roll so it won't become damaged in shipment or as you store it.

  • Fuse the webbing to your fabric with the paper release liner against the iron, then trace your design, cut and fuse again for a permanent bond.
  • More stabilizer for the money!
  • Has an InkJet printable release liner on one side that you can also trace on for creating your appliqué shapes.
  • Does not gum up your sewing machine needle!
  • Locks bias in fabric, to reduce puckering.
  • Comes on a cardboard core so your stabilizer won't be creased or folded. 
  • Comes with instructions.

9 in x 12 ft roll.

Works great in conjunction with our Hold Light  http://www.creativefeet.com/products/stabilizers/fabric-hold-light stabilizer.


This product provides a strong bond between fabrics that holds securely during the entire sewing process. The sewing machine needle will remain clean of residue reducing thread issues found with similar products. It is a must for any sewing room!