Stick and Rinse

FaBric Stick and Rinse Adhesive Backed Rinse Away Stabilizer
Stick and Rinse formally called SdSV makes Free Motion -Embroidery EasyBasting tape as seen on the PBS Show It's Sew Easy with Clare Rowley Stick and Rinse used on Creative Living with Sheryl Borden - Clare Rowley

Adhesive only on one side. Stick and Rinse (formally SdSV - Stick Desolv) is the only water-soluble adhesive stabilizer. Use for see-through fabrics, lace making and baby clothes. Place on back of fabric when sewing beads, sequins or Cutwork when using the Creative Feet and hemming T'shirts.




  • Multi-dimensional appliqué with layered netting, lace and other sheer fabrics.
  • Cutwork
  • Delicate heirloom projects
  • PRINT out placement templates in Color using your Inkjet Printer and then sew right through it! Never worry about not having the design lined up correctly again. Once you're done with the Embroidery - rinse away the stabilizer and the ink washes down the drain with the adhesive and stabilizer!


  • Satin stitching on the edge of fine fabrics like, scarves.
  • Keeps fabric from stretching when sewing-blind hems.
  • Use in place of a Stay-Stitch for hemming, sewing zippers and Topstitching.
  • Place on top of sweaters, terry cloth or any high loft fabric for more control and perfect stitches. Especially helpful when sewing buttonholes on these fabric types.
  • Use as a stabilizer when sewing-sequins, beads or any trim where you use a long zigzag stitch. Because a longer stitch length on a zigzag stitch will not perforate standard tear-away stabilizers, causing stitches to break when removing the stabilizer. Stick and Rinse washes away so you never have to worry about ripping your stitches.
Lace Embroidery done with Stick and Rinse and Stable Rinse Stabilizers