Stable Rinse

FaBric Stable Rinse Non-stretch Water Soluble Stabilizer

Stable Rinse™is a thin non-stretch water-soluble stabilizer designed to match the Stick and Rinse for ultimate compatiblity when creating free-standing lace or doing cutwork. Use for extra stabilizer on top of fabrics like terrycloth, velour and velvet. Use with Stick and Rinse™ when making free-standing lace. For permanent topping use the Fabric Cover.

This stabilizer locks the bias in your fabric in a single layer! 



  • Keeps the loops on terry cloth out of your way.
  • Eliminates puckers when placed on top of fabric.
  • Strong enough to endure being stretched in a 2-ring hoop.
  • Only 1 layer is needed to stop puckers.


  • When appliquéing on terrycloth, place on top and loops won’t interfere.
  • Use for the cutwork technique on the Techniques video.

Most sewing techniques that require a temporary wash-away stabilizer will work best using Stick and Rinse.

Lace Embroidery done with Stick and Rinse and Stable Rinse Stabilizers