Hold Light - Light Weight Iron on Tear Away Stabilizer

Also known as Kleer-Fuse
Hold Light Iron-on tear-away stabilizer designed to stop the fabric from spreading - it LOCKS or HOLDS the fibers in-place so you can embroider on T shirts and Sweatshirts with ease. Great for backing your applique because it won't allow the fabric to stretch out of shape and makes it easier for your fabric to slide over the machine while following curves.



    • Iron on back of T'shirts and sweat shirts before hooping your fabric and the fabric is held in-place.
    • Use as a topper (not recommended for Terrycloth)
    • Eliminates puckers and distortion.
    • Strong enough to endure being stretched in a 2-ring hoop.
    • Only 1 layer is needed to stop puckers.
    • Great for sheer and stretch fabrics.



    • Iron on to fabric back when appliquéing.
    • Most sewing techniques that require a stay-stitch to prevent spreading, like when sewing zippers, hems and satinedging on scarfs!
    • Use in place of fusible interfacing when using our Invisible appliqué technique found in the Creative Feet Technical Guide & Workbook.
    • Cut out appliqué pieces and lay them down----iron a piece of kleer-fuse over your pieces and iron. Once you've completed your stitching, tear away excess kleer-fuse and you have a completely soft appliqué!

Fabric Hold-light stabilizer

Fabric Hold-light Iron on Tear away stabilizer