Fuse and Stick

Fuse and Stick applique fusing.
Fuse and Stick stabilizer with Creative Feet Satinedge

The perfect solution for your next machine appliqué project!

  • No more tracing designs!
  • InkJet print directly onto this wonderful stabilizer!
  • No risk of pieces slipping while ironing.
  • Pieces are repositional until ironed.
  • Eliminates puckers!
  • Does not shrink!

Iron to wrong side of fabric, cut pieces, remove release liner, adhere to main body of fabric and then stitch along appliqués edge.


You will love the simplicity of using this, one of Clare Rowley's favorite stabilizers for creating beautiful appliqué projects in less time, with more accuracy and with less risk of error.

Clare is planning to use FaBric Stick and Tear on her YouTube show and provide you with printable appliqué patterns exclusively designed for it's use. Be sure you have some in your sewing room when these projects release!