Cover Up

Fabric Cover Embroidery

Create fuller, richer more sustainable embroidery while saving time & money! 

  • Available in 16 color options, including clear.
  • It easily tears away.
  • Embroider using less stitches, for a more sustainable garment.
  • Embroider faster, with less stitches.
  • Use less thread to cover fabric and save money!
  • Completely blocks fabric color from showing through or reflecting on thread for a clean professional appearance.
  • Cover Up is vinyl, it does not wash out, ensuring your embroidery will look like new after multiple washes. 

We also offer Stable Rinse, an economical wash away embroidery topper for open work or when a permanent topper option is not ideal for the fabric. 


Cover Up Vinyl is a permanent topping available in 15 colors plus clear. It is designed to prevent the fabric from showing through the embroidery and it lifts the stitching preventing it from falling into the nap. It easily tears away and doesn't wash out. You can purchase it in roll form or choose between two variety packs each with 8 different color sheets that are 6in x 24in dimensions. Intended for solid designs! This does not wash away! Not intended for designs with a lot of open areas.

Primary Variety PackFabric Cover Primary Colors

Blending Variety Pack



Fabric Cover embroider sample


This embroidery topper will make such a difference, people will ask why your embroidery looks so much better than theirs.


This can make or break a sale of your embroidery to companies that you want to embroider for.


Permanent - so the embroidery will still look good after washings.