Creative Feet Basic Special

Creative Feet Special #1 includes all 3 sewing feet
Satinedge FootPearls N Piping FootSequins N Ribbon FootSequin Ribbon foot couching with sequins and Yarn

The Special 1 is package deal that includes everything listed below. You are able to get a reduced price as we use less packaging and only need to give you 1 set of adapters as they work with all the Creative Feet.

Special contains all parts in a single package saving you money!

You save $6.00 when purchasing this special!

More Information
Guaranteed to fit all sewing machines - if your sewing machine has a zigzag stitch then all 3 Creative Feet fit your machine. You never have to buy them again because they fit the machine you have now, the one you had years ago and the one you'll buy years from now. Our Creative Feet also carry a lifetime exchange warranty so no matter how you damage the foot, we'll send you a new one. Even if your dog chews it up, as long as he spits it out, we'll send you a new foot ;)