IMPORTANT - The following machines are the only machines that are unable to do Free-Motion

  • Brother 8500D sold in 1980's (tension assembly flaw) = if you have the newly released 2014 Dream Machine you CAN USE THE HOOPS!
  • Bably Lock Esante 2 sold in 1980's (tension assembly flaw)
  • Elna Diva 6000 (presser foot attaching flaw)

This has nothing to do with the design of our Octi-Hoops. These machines cannot sew free-motion with ANY method. Each of the following machines released in the late 1980's. If you have a sewing machine with these model numbers and the machine was produced recently, it is NOT the same machine as yours. Sewing machine manufacturer's have started using old model numbers again which can be confusing.

If you have any of these machines you are still able to use our wonderful Creative Feet.