Embroidery Frames (Hoops)

Embroidery Frames (Hoops)

The Hoop-it-All and Octi-Hoops are easy on your hands and save you time by eliminating the 2-ring hooping process. Their unique design and material allow our embroidery stabilizers to stick to them, again and again, without becoming sticky. More impressive still, our frames are flat and the fabric is laid within the frame, meaning you're able to support and embroider on any material you wish!

To learn more about the Hoop-it-all Embroidery Frames click here or to learn more about the Octi-Hoops Free Motion Frames click here!


If you've done Free-Form / Free-Motion Embroidery before, you know that your hands become sore, not with the Octi-Hoops! Your hands won't hurt, your eyes won't burn and you'll feel as though you've taken a vacation, because it releases endorphins that will make you want to stay at your machine for days!

LOST YOUR HANDLES? - Click here to order another set.

Includes: 3 Octi-Hoop Frames, 2 Handles, Stabilizer Samples, Instructions and DVD