Sequins 'N Ribbon Foot

Sewing sequins down is simple with the Sequins & Ribbon foot
Sequins Ribbon FootThe Sequins N Ribbon comes with a 1/4" guide for thick yarns.Sequins N Ribbon FootSequins N Ribbon FootSequins N Ribbon FootSequins N Ribbon FootSequins  Ribbon Foot

The Sequins & Ribbon foot is known as the "couching foothowever, our Pearls N Piping foot also couches cording - be sure to check it out too! Clare Rowley invented the Sequins & Ribbon foot for a fashion designer the year pre-strung sequins released, it also guides ribbons, ric rac and braided trims and makes sewing elastic so simple even a 4 year old can sew it down; because you don't have to stretch the elastic from behind the foot! You can use this foot for all sizes of elastic and all types, even round with the Accessory Guide Set and Fold over elastic, aka: FOE. 

Includes: 1 Sequins N Ribbon sewing machine presser foot with the 1/4 inch guide attached, 4 Snap-on Adapters, 1 Instruction booklet - You will want the Accessory Guide Set to sew a wider selection of trims.

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The Sequins N Ribbon foot has a ¼ inch guide that feeds any flat trim for you-so your hands are free to guide the fabric. Sewing sequins has never been easier! Sew around in swirling designs with ease and don't even bother stabilizing the fabric. This amazing sewing machine presser foot does not cause spreading of the fabric. This allows anyone to sew sequins onto even bridal veils.

The Sequins N Ribbon foot is specially engineered to not flip or fold over the sequins so you can sew rows side by side to create your own sequined appliques.


The patented adjustable guide  on the Sequins  N Ribbon sewing machine presser foot allows you to adjust all sewing trims  over to your sewing machine needle. Sewing machines are not capable of changing needle positions when the zigzag stictch pattern is selected so having a guide adjust to any location is one of the wonderful features of this amazing sewing machine presser foot!


The trims are always flat on the fabric under the needle so you do not have to hold the trims AT ALL! An absolute must for crazy quilters or wearable art designers.

Making costumes for Halloween or for Renaissance Festival is much more enjoyable when 

Couching down yarns of any size and type is another wonderful feature of the Sequins N Ribbon sewing machine presser foot.


Because of the different widths and types of yarns and the fact that our foot has a guide specifically for 1/4" wide sewing trims, you will also want to purchase our Accessory Guides for your Sequins 'N Ribbon foot.



Pre-Strung Sequins easily sewn using the Sequins 'N Ribbon presser foot



Sequins 'N Ribbon foot allows you to sew multiple rows of Sequins side-by-side



picture of Sequins 'N Ribbon foot showing the foot's desing and how the guide adjusts to any sewing machine



picture of Sequins 'N Ribbon sewing machine foot sewing ribbon 
down in a single step



Couching with yarn using the Sequins 'N Ribbon foot and Accessory Guides



Couching using the 1/8" accessory guide with the Sequins 'N Ribbon sewing machine presser foot

Creative Feet Sequins N Ribbon foot and the Accessory Guides showing the different size trims for COUCHING








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Sewing in Elastic Video

Sequins 'N Ribbon

Ribbon Double Needle
   1/4 inch Ribbon-Double Needle
   3/8 inch Ribbon-Double Needle
   1/4 inch Ribbon
Decorative Stitch
   Sewing 1/8 inch RicRac
   Sewing 1/4 inch RicRac
   Sewing 3/8 inch RicRac
   Twisted RicRac
   1/8 inch Decorative Flat Braids
   1/4 inch Decorative Flat Braids
   3/8 inch Decorative Flat Braids
   2.0mm Sequins-Zigzag Stitch
   6.0mm Sequins-Zigzag Stitch
   2.0mm Sequins-Straight Stitch
   6.0mm Sequins-Straight Stitch
   12mm Sequins-Straight Stitch  
   6.0mm Stretchable Sequins
   Couching With Yarns
   (normal to knobby yarns)
   1/8 inch Elastic
   1/4 inch Elastic
   1 inch Elastic
   Round Elastic-Stretch Smocking 


Sequins N Ribbon foot. is sold with a 1/4 inch wide guide. In order to sew narrower and wider sewing trims as shown in this list you will need to also purchase the Accessory Guide Set of attachment guides.


The Sequins 'N Ribbon foot can also applique' using yarn to cover the edge of the fabric using the Accessory Guides and no stabilizer is needed!


CELTIC quilts can be created without using fusible fabric bias tubing.


You will LOVE this foot!

Stained Glass Quilts can be made without the need to stabilize the fabrics, fuse the applique fabric down (use basting glue) and you never have to iron or use fusible tubing. You an create stained glass quilts using your own fabric tubing without fusing first. Or you an sew yarn along the edges of the applique' pieces.



If your machine has snap on feet:

  1. Try to snap our foot onto your machine.
  2. If it doesn't snap on to your machine's snap on adapter, you will remove your machine's adapter and place our adapter on the machine in it's place.
  3. If your machine is a Bernina machine go to this page of our site to learn more about your machine's options.
  4. If your machine has feet that screw on, you will select from one of our adapters (the one closest in length) and snap it on to our foot then screw it on just as you currently do.
  5. If you have an industrial sewing machine, you will most likely use our HIGH (B) shank. Your machine must have the screw to attach the foot on to the machine on the left hand side.
  6. We can modify by special order only our feet with your supplied shank for some Industrial sewing machines. Please email us to get the details.



With our shank on your Pfaff, you can share - or use the feet that are sold for Brother, Baby Lock, Elna, Riccar, White, Necchi, Nelco, Euro Pro, Janome and New Home! One set of our feet fit your machine and all that you see listed so you'll never need to buy theseever again... 

  1. Push down on the mechanism and release it. (It will slide up and out of the way.)
  2. Loosen and remove your machine's snap on adapter. (screw is located on the left side of it.)
  3. RE-START the screw that held it on to your machine.
  4. Slide our (c) shank (smallest one) from inside the kit up and under the screw.
  5. Tighten screw using a screw driver.
  6. Slide the foot that you want to use under the slot on the snap on shank and push down on top of our (c) shank if the bar doesn't cause the foot to snap on.
  7. To remove the foot, push down on the foot on one side and it will drop off.