Sequins 'N Ribbon - Accessory Guides

Accessory Guide Set for the Sequin Ribbon Foot
By adding the Accessory Guides you add to the sizes of trims you can sew!Sequin Ribbon foot Accessory GuidesSequin Ribbon foot couching yarn Sequin Ribbon foot Accessory GuideSequin Ribbon foot couching yarnSequin Ribbon foot couching sequins yarnSequins Ribbon Foot ric rac

The Accessory Guides are an attachment for the Sequins N Ribbon sewing machine presser foot.

If you add the Accessory Guides to your order the Sequins N Ribbon foot changes to 3 feet in one! The 1/8" guide is also equipped with an 1/8" round hole for feeding yarn and round eastic through. Spin around in circular designs for interesting quilts or high fashion in seconds!

With the Sequins N Ribbon foot and the Accessory Guides, you will be able to sew down just about all of the sewing trims that you have in your sewing stash.

Includes: 1/8 Guide, 3/8 Guide, Instruction Booklet

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The Sequins N Ribbon sewing machine foot comes with a 1/4 Inch opening in the guide. The guide holds the trim in place lined up perfectly with the sewing machine needle. This eigth inch guide has 2 openings that allow you to sew a wide variety of yarns in addition to round elastic, ribbon and soutach braid.



Couching with yarn is simple with the Sequin Ribbon foot and Accessory Guides and allows you the pleasure of choosing from knobby, eye lash and other specialty yarns.



Sewing down eigth inch ribbon is tedious without our Sequin Ribbon foot and the eigth inch guide. The double needle is used and sews down both sides of the ribbon in a single pass.




You are able to sew accurate straight lines or spin around in circles with ease!


The guide lines up the yarn with the needle for you so you never have to worry about missing the yarn as you sew it down.


You will enjoy sewing wider trims like this twisted ric rac. Sew in elastic onto bathing suits and leotards for custom swimwear and dance wear. Create one of a kind crazy quilts and amaze everyone with your precise sewing.



Sequins N Ribbon foot couching with yarn 

Sequin Ribbon Couching foot

Sequin Ribbon foot eigth inch ribbon

 Sequin Ribbon Foot eighth inch accessory couching guide

Sequin Ribbon foot couching yarn

Sequins N Ribbon foot sewing down twisted ric rac 









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Accesory Guides 
Sequins N Ribbon Foot

 1/8 inch Ribbon Double Needle
   3/8 inch Ribbon-Double Needle
   Sewing 1/8 inch RicRac
   Sewing 3/8 inch RicRac
   Twisted RicRac
   1/8 inch Decorative Flat Braids
   3/8 inch Decorative Flat Braids
   2.0mm Sequins-Zigzag Stitch
   2.0mm Sequins-Straight Stitch
   6.0mm Sequins-Straight Stitch
Couching With Yarn
   1/8 inch Elastic
   Round Elastic-Stretch Smocking