Satinedge Foot

Satin Stitching on the raw edge of fabric with the Satinedge foot is easy
Satinedge comes with adapters and an illustrated instruction bookletSatinedge Sewing machine presser foot by Clare Rowley of Creative FeetThe Creative Feet Satinedge presser foot as packaged.Satinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser footSet needle on stitching line - then move guide to seam allowance.Satinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser footSatinedge sewing machine presser foot


  • Capable of over 27 techniques!
  • Guides along fabric edges for you!
  • Perfect seam allowances without watching the needle!
  • The guide is adjustable allowing you to sew many seem widths!
  • The best at what it does for over 28 years!
  • Used by sewing professionals and educators around the world!
  • Fits ALL Sewing Machines with a zig-zag stitch!
  • One of the 3 Creative Feet!

Includes: Satinedge Foot, 4 Snap-on Adapters, Instruction booklet

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How to make napkins using Satinedge foot Creative Living TV show with Sheryl Borden


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Top Stitching, Edge Stitching and Pin Tucking
are normally tedious. With this foot you simply move the guide pin away from the needle; the distance you chose is the distance your stitch will be from the fabric’s edge. You can also use Satinedge to sew small seams like 1/8", 1/4" and Scant 1/4".


Appliqué using a satin stitch is normally frustrating to learn. You are taught to watch your sewing machine needle as it swings left and right; making sure that the right-swing falls off the appliqué’s edge. With the Satinedge foot you NEVER watch the sewing machine needle and your stitches are consistant, you will love it!

The Satinedge™ foot has a wider zigzag opening than a standard appliqué foot but still has the cross section in front of the zigzag opening. You can see the appliqué’s edge easily as you sew and you don’t have to hold the fabric down.

As a result of the fact that you don't have to watch the sewing machine needle, more precise sewing is easy. Look at the Petite Applique stitch and how small it is in comparrison to the sewing machine needle. If you had to watch the needle to sew a stitch that small, you would take a very long time and miss the edge of the fabric no matter how hard you tried.


Edge Stitching using the Satinedge Foot



Satin Stitch Applique' done using the Satinedge Foot

Applique done with the Satinedge foot


Petite Applique done with the Satinedge foot










T-Shirt Transformation PBS show It's Sew Easy


How to make napkins and placemats

Sewing Inside Curves 
Speed Binding

How to sew Polar Fleece blankets with a handicap  

Satinedge Techniques

TOPIC: Satin Stitch Techniques
Lettuce Edging
Petite Appliqué
Satin Stitch Edging
Trapunto Appliqué

TOPIC: Specialty Techniques
Corded Satin Stitch Edging
Fishing Line Edges
Over casting
Wire Eddges

 TOPIC: Straight Stitch
Edge Stitching
Narrow Seams (1/4" seams)

Stitching In A Ditch
Top Stitching

TOPIC: Invisible Techniques
Invisible Appliqué / Garments
Invisible Appliqué / Quilts
Invisible Binding

The Techniques you see listed here are not all of the techniques this foot can do for you. Clare Rowley is writing another Creative Feet Technical Guide and Workbook and producing additional Tecniques DVD because the list keeps on growing!


If your machine has snap on feet:

  1. Try to snap our foot onto your machine.
  2. If it doesn't snap on to your machine's snap on adapter, you will remove your machine's adapter and place our adapter on the machine in it's place.
  3. If your machine is a Bernina machine go to this page of our site to learn more about your machine's options.
  4. If your machine has feet that screw on, you will select from one of our adapters (the one closest in length) and snap it on to our foot then screw it on just as you currently do.
  5. If you have an industrial sewing machine, you will most likely use our HIGH (B) shank. Your machine must have the screw to attach the foot on to the machine on the left hand side.
  6. We can modify by special order only our feet with your supplied shank for some Industrial sewing machines. Please email us to get the details.



  1. Push down on the mechanism and release it. (It will slide up and out of the way.)
  2. Loosen and remove your machine's snap on adapter. (screw is located on the left side of it.)
  3. RE-START the screw that held it on to your machine.
  4. Slide our (c) shank (smallest one) from inside the kit up and under the screw.
  5. Tighten screw using a screw driver.
  6. Slide the foot that you want to use under the slot on the snap on shank and push down on top of our (c) shank if the bar doesn't cause the foot to snao on.
  7. To remove the foot, push down on the foot on one side and it will drop off.