How To Paint Your Sewing Machine DVD

How to Paint your Sewing Machine Instructional DVD from Clare Rowley
Baby Lock sewing machine painted with oil paint!Husqvarna Viking Rose Embroidery hand painted sewing machineJanome 7500 painted Sewing MachineHow to Paint your Sewing Machine Instructional DVD from Clare RowleyHow to Paint your Sewing Machine Instructional DVD from Clare RowleyHow to Paint your Sewing Machine Instructional DVD from Clare RowleyHand Painted Viking Husqvarna Rose Embroidery machine Fully-Fuctional and racey Hand Painted Bernina 730 Sewing machine fully functional and fun to sew on!Hand Painted Simplicity Overlock/Serger sewing machine!

Even if you feel as if you'll never be able to paint - you can!

You will learn several different methods of painting a sewing machine and discover ways of painting even if you currently are only able to draw stick figures. Clare Rowley has over 23 years of experience painting sewing machines and over 33 years experience painting using more traditional methods. She loves painting in oils and did one of the painted sewing machines on this instructional DVD using oil paint! However, there are techniques that are able to be wiped off in a year if you're not wanting it any longer, so there's really no excuse to not try, right?

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*2 hours covering basic, intermediate and advanced techniques helping you achieve a beautiful end-result while also building confidence and having fun! Learn to make used sewing machines look beautiful and re-sell them as usable artwork!  Not all machine's pictured are taught on the DVD.
DVD includes:  Written instructions  - Access to art designs to use with our Stick and Rinse stabilizer on the lower portion of this page.





How to Paint Your Sewing Machine Instructional DVD by Clare Rowley of Creative Feet LLC

Learn how to paint your sewing machine instructional DVD taught by the Inventor of Creative Feet sewing machine accessories, Clare Rowley. You will love this video! It's so much fun to transform machines that were tossed aside as old and tired and make them shiny and new... and still be able to sew!  

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Watch Time-Lapsed Machine being painted

Watch Clare Rowley talk with Teri Griffith about painting her sewing machine with a handicap. 





 Getting ready for any project is very important. I like to always have the following items ready before I begin a painting.
  1. Painters tape (found at most stores that sell any paint) in several different widths. This tape is less likely to peel pain back and doesn't leave a sticky residue after removed from surfaces.
  2. Rubber Gloves (medical style) which can be found also at beauty supply stores. I like the vinyl glove as latex make me itch. 
  3. Aspirator (airway protective cover)
  4. Plastic wrap and craft paper or news paper (ink sometimes causes issues, I prefer ink-free paper) for covering furniture before painting.
  5. Lazy-Suzan, spinning table to set machine on while painting. (not required)
  6. Smock or large shirt to protect clothing.
  7. Paint Brushes (round, flat, scrub, fan and Filbert)
  8. Basin for cleaning brushes, I also use cat food cans and plastic egg crates. However, you're welcome to purchase paint palet paper, a palet and/or paint trays with wells for thin paints. These are used to mix, thin and store paint while painting. It's best to keep your paint container tightly closed at all times.
  9. Ordinary kitchen sponge. I like the sponges with scrubby sides on one side and use the yellow and green style found at grocery stores.
  10. Sea-sponge (available at art supply stores) I find the authentic sea sponge works best and you can purchase them in pieces varying in size. You'll only need a small piece if you plan to paint the underwater scene. You may like the overall look it creates and want to incorporate it on another design. A 2-3" piece of Sea Sponge should be adequate. 
  11. I use ordinary acrylic (basic lesson) and have several brands, Liquitex is a reliable brand. Some cheap brands separate. And they are the best for neon colors, found in little plastic jars not tubes. (underwater theme uses neons)
  12. Brush cleaner for each paint type, nail polish remover for nail polish. Water for acrylic and paint thinner for oil and enamel.
  13. I use spray paints... one for plastic, on plastic surfaces, one for metal on metal machines.. such as car touch up paints. Krylon is my paint of choice for these.
  14.  I also love the Krylon paint pens.
  15.  Nail Polish in varying brands, look for sales!
  16. Clear top coat NAIL POLISH ONLY for heavily used areas of the machine. DO NOT USE any furniture sealants as they yellow and look for CLEAR not slightly colored top coats. Unless your sewing machine will be in direct sunlight or going into tanning booths, you DO NOT need the Non-yellowing top coat nail polish.
  17. Acrylic and oil paint sealant spray available at hobby, craft and art supply stores). I use Krylon brand sprays.
  18. You will want our Stick and Rinse for the basic lesson when we use a rinse away template to help you not make any mistakes as you paint. Since we use Stick and Rinse by taping it onto an inkjet printer paper, the 8" wide roll size is best.
  19. Ultra-fine glitter (crystal clear a must) and some in colors - however, it's easier if they are prymarily clear with hint of color as straight colors can over-take the paint an leave you disappointed. Look in the hobby store for these but not the big chunky style school style.
  20. I clean my oil brushes using paint thinner, followed by dish soap and then a brush conditioner or walnut oil is applied to maintain softness. It is recommended that you keep brushes for specific paint types.  

Click on the links below to print out each pdf for printing on our Stick and Rinse stablilizer.

Sunflower Graphic Corner Design Set

Dolphin Design SetHow to paint your sewing machine DVD with Clare Rowley Dolphin Design set

Sea life Design Set