Vintage Style Fabric Pressers

Browns Vintage Style Fabric Presser
Wine Multi-Color Fabric PresserThe Woods Vintage Style Fabric Pressers

Designed and handmade by Clare Rowley, Inventor of the Creative Feet products, and based on the old-fashioned wooden pressers, made current for your fabric pressing and paper creasing pleasure! 


This dyed, resin-impregnated, lamentated and compressed hard wood, is stronger and heavier than any other wood once you touch it, you'll understand what sets this presser apart from all others!

  • NO STAIN USED or Finish 100% SAFE on fabric.
  • Turned using fine machining on a lathe, so no 2 pressers are exactly alike.
  • Press as you go for piecing without an iron!
  • Great for Paper Piecing!
  • No electricity needed.
  • Ergonimic, comfort Grip (easy on your hands)
  • Both left and right handed friendly!
  • Each presser measures approximately 5/8" x 5" 

A must for all who love sewing, and quilting and one of Clare Rowley's favorite tools!

*Please Note: Wood colors will vary - these images reflect a similar look to what you'll receive as no tree is alike. Additionally, some of the color options are no longer available. To help us in filling your order, in the comment section in the ordering process list some of your favorite colors. Therefore, if you want your presser to arrive fast, tell us if you don't care what color and your order will likely ship faster.




You'll be so impressed with the quality workmanship and be amazed that they don't have any finish on them making them completely safe on all fabrics no matter which color or style you choose from!

If you've ever seen Clare Rowley at a sewing show, you've seen her using one and probably wondered what it was- now you know and can enjoy owning one too!


Learn how to use Clare's wooden presser design by watching this video!