The Thread Dispenser

The Thread Dispenser - Thread Delivery Stand
The Thread Dispenser - Light Assembly RequiredThe Thread Dispenser - made of solid hard wood in the USA

This unique stand is used to store and feed thread directly to your sewing machine. The 12" distance from base to eye hook allows the thread to un-wind from the spool properly greatly reducing thread problems. Set on your table to the right side of your sewing machine for easy access when sewing. Not only store your threads on this rack, feed them directly from the stand to your machine! All your sewing machine does is sew a stitch. If the machine doesn't stitch correctly, there is a problem with the thread delivery. Solve your machine's problems with "The Thread Dispenser".

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Reduces: Increases
  • Thread Breakage
  • Thread Splitting
  • Skipped Stitches
  • Looped Stitches
  • Machine Jamming
  • Stress
  • Stitch Quality
  • Stitch Consistency
  • Organization
  • Enjoyment
  • For Nylon Threads.
  • Large Cones.
  • Mini-Cones.
  • Sulky spools.
  • Ribbon Floss.
  • Regular spools.
  • Feed fishing line to machine for Fishing Line Edges (Satinedge).
  • Store bobbins.
  • Hang Scissors.
  • Stack bobbins wound with the same color on top of each other for multiple needle techniques. Don't buy more than one spool of the same color thread again. (Unless you want to)
  • Hand beading.
  • For all of your sewing.
  • Great for looper threads on sergers.
  • Place on separate table if you don't have room on yours or if serger shakes table causing inconsistent stitches.
  • Carry to classes.
  • Have one for embroidery and one for regular sewing so you don't mix up your thread and bobbin types.