Liquid Baste - Basting Glue

Liquid Baste 1.62 fl oz bottle of Basting Glue  made of water soluble stabilizer
Liquid Baste 1.62 fl oz bottle of Basting Glue  made of water soluble stabilizerLiquid Baste 1.62 fl oz bottle of Basting Glue fine tip for excellent control.

This 1.69oz bottle of glue is really water soluble stabilizer that is wet! It does not stain - contains no harmful ingredients, is safe for all fabrics and is colorfast. You will love never having to grab your pins again. Use full coverage on the seam-line, so you don't have to worry about shifting or puckering! It has a fine tip and broad tip for simple application on all of your sewing tasks!

You may squeeze small droplets where you normally would place a pin. Or for full coverage draw a line as you squeeze (recommended) Lightly slide your finger over the drops to decrease drying time. If you push down you will push the glue into the fibers and you’ll need to reapply to secure a bond between the fabrics. Touch fabric to feel if the glue has dried. A cool feeling indicates it is still wet or the water inside the stabilizer has not yet evaporated. Rainy days prolong drying.

If you want you can actually try on the garment before sewing. If you need to adjust the seam, you can use steam from your iron to break the bond, reapply your new seam location, wait for it to dry and try on the garment again.

Use to hold binding to your quilt or any other item you’d like to bind for the first initial seam and then to hold the binding to back. Sew either by hand or using a sewing machine, like Clare’s Invisible Binding technique. Glue in 10”sections using clips on either side of glue line to help hold it as it dries. It’s best to plan ahead, allow hours to pass before sewing the final stitching in case you laid the glue on thick. No slipping will occur when stitching for more accurate binding.



  • In place of pins.
  • Glue garments together before sewing to see if fitted correctly.
  • Glue down zippers and never have any shifting.
  • Glue piping in place before sewing and sew with confidence.
  • Glue down applique pieces when a satin stitch is not used.
  • Temporarily glue appliques and patches for costumes and a quick washing removes them.
  • Fantastic for working on design ideas because it washes out.


  • Transfer to the needle so you NEVER have any gumming of the needle.
  • Does not damage fabrics.
  • Require washing - it rinses clean off with cool or warm water. Even steam from an iron can break the bond.