Invisible Thread

Invisible Thread .004 Ultra Fine Nylon

Ultra-fine invisible threads are consistent and made of 100% nylon,.004 in thickness and are guaranteed not to scratch. You can create works of art on fabric, knowing that the thread will last a lifetime. These threads are machine washable and dry-able. In order to melt the thread, you must burn the fabric! If you're concerned feel free to lay a pressing cloth over the thread while ironing. Because this thread is of such quality, you can even use it in the bobbin and it will stay on the bobbin, unlike polyester mono-filament! 



  • Sewing down beads.
  • Sewing down sequins.
  • Blind hems.
  • Invisible Appliqué
  • Invisible Binding
  • Cording
  • Couching with Yarn
  • Quilting

DOUBLE NEEDLE (requires 2 cones of thread)

  • Inlayed-beading (Use in needle and bobbin)
  • Corded pintucks
  • Corded gathering (Use in needle and bobbin)
  • Sewing down ribbon
  • Sewing decorative flat braids

Whenever winding a bobbin with nylon thread-be sure to wind it at ½ speed. If your machine only winds at high speed, only wind your bobbin ½ full. Creative Feet, strongly recommends using The Thread Dispenser whenever using nylon cones. We have found that winding nylon thread at high speed can make metal bobbins expand to twice their original size and plastic bobbins may become stuck on the bobbin winder. Do not place cones on sewing machine thread holder.

Whenever sewing any trims on to stretch fabric use Lingerie thread in the bobbin to ensure the bobbin thread won’t break.