Bamboo Batting

Bamboo Quilt Batting - highly sustainable -breathable
Bamboo Batting has a luxurious feel and durable qualities - a perfect choice.Graffiti Quilting with Bamboo Batting

Bamboo batting is Clare Rowley's favorite batting! It has been gaining in popularity for many reasons. 100% Bamboo batting provides peace of mind, in knowing your quilts will stand the test of time! That your quilting will remain full-bodied and stitches more consistent.

  • 100% Bamboo Batting has many benefits!
  • Highly sustainable. (Takes much longer to rot and decay than wool or cotton batting.)
  • Non-Toxic (No pesticides used during growth and no Formaldehyde used to preserve or prolong its life.)
  • Economically Friendly Renewable resource. (cut one stalk down, 2 grow in its place)
  • Breathable = keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • It also drapes = it moves with the fabric! No more torn batting! It has the same memory built into it that fabric does.
  • Adds a high level of quality to heirloom quilts.
  • Certified by the US National Organic program or N.O.P. as an organic bamboo base.
  • The farm this bamboo is grown on is certified by OCIA International IFOAM accredited as an organic crop.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Antibacterial.

The Japan Textile Inspection Association, has tested the batting and even after 50 times of washing Bamboo fiber has proven that it still possesses excellent anti-bacterial qualities. The test results showed an over 70% death rate for bacteria being incubated on bamboo fibers.


Bamboo batting has been gaining in popularity over the last century for many reasons, and it is Clare Rowley's batting of choice! She knows how important it is to use a batting that won't tear, won't beard, won't wick and one that will stand the test of time. Winline is the first to bring us 100% Bamboo batting that is angel soft, strong, durable and one that is good for the planet!

Over a 3 year time-span, Clare conducted tests on varying brands of wool and cotton batting. She did so to see how sustainable they are, only to confirm what she already knew from centuries of teaching, that they decompose and degrade over time. All you have to do is stretch them yourself to see how easily they tear. It is really sad to learn after you've spent time and money creating an heirloom quilt, so be sure your first choice is this proven durable - environmentally safe, super soft, breathable, non-toxic batting!

Use 100% Bamboo batting for piece of mind, in knowing your quilts will stand the test of time!
100% Bamboo Batting has many benefits! If you use 80% Bamboo, 20% Cotton - only 80% of the batting will remain to last up to 100 years or longer. Be sure to only use 100% Bamboo batting!