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 Wonderfil Invisifil Thread

  • Stitching in a ditch when you want subtle color. 
  • Top stitching. Edge Stitching. For scarfs. (tiny satinedges using Satinedge foot) Stippling, because the thread is so thin you can apply more stitches and line them up closer.
  • One bobbin of this 100wt thread holds 70% more thread than 30wt cotton quilting thread. Wind less bobbins.
  • Strong - stretchy behavior makes it a better choice over cotton on any garment or quilt that will ever be stretched.

*If you make a quilt to hang on the wall, it doesn't matter if the thread is strong, however when you place it on a bed, someone will sit on it - the bed will sink - the fabric will stretch - the thread will break (unless it stretches) 

Starter Variety Mini-Packs

Invisifil polyester thread mini-pack 100 weight thread for many uses

5 packs with 6 spools with varying colors

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Mini-King Spools

Invisifil Mini-King Spools of 100wt polyester thread that stretches.

 2734 Yards

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