FaBric Stabilizers

We have been providing our customers with stabilizers since Hoop-it-All's inception. Our frames require stabilizer for use, so we have spent a great deal of time and care to make sure we offer the very best!

Finding the right stabilizer for your project can seem overwhelming. So below is a bulleted list of what each stabilizer was specialized for. For more information about any of the stabilizers below click on it's title or the more information link associated with it.

Stick and Tear (SIA)

Required by all Hoop-it-All frames to stabilize and support the fabric while embroidering.

  • Stick and Tear, previously known as SIA or Stick-it-All, has been pleasing embroiderers for over 18 years! This stabilizer is what makes the Hoop-it-All capable of so much and is required when using your frames!
  • This completely unique product, is made out of polyester fabric that tears like paper. You can tear it in any direction, it doesn't stretch, it doesn't heat up from needle movement and won't cause adhesive to stick on the sewing machine needle or frames.
  • Stick and Tear is affordable as it is patchable! You can layer it without issues and never stretch your fabric between two frames again! 

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Stick and Rinse

Clear, sticky and rinses away completely!

  • Stick and Rinse is unique! It is the only PVOH water soluble stabilizer that doesn't stretch!
  • This amazing stabilizer can be used for printing out your placement templates and you can embroider right through it!
  • This can also be used for free-standing lace and embroidering thin fabrics like scarves and wedding veils.
  • You can also print pictures onto this stabilizer and embroider over them using the Octi-Hoops for free-motion embroidery. Imagine printing a colorful picture from the internet and then drawing over it with thread. When you're done the stabilizer with the image simply rinses away leaving your thread painting!

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Provides a backing to your embroidery, making gaps disappear!

  • If you embroider white thread on red fabric the fabric will cast a hint of pink onto the thread. Cover is used as a "Topper" before embroidering, comes in 16 colors and never washes out!
  • Create the most professional looking embroidery possible with this proven product and never worry about your embroidery changing after washing the garment!

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Hold Light

Extra support under your embroidery that won't rinse away!

  • This amazing stabilizer has a variety of wonderful features for sewing and embroidery! Iron onto back of garments before applying onto our Stick and Tear to protect terrycloth from pulling apart after embroidery is complete.
  • Hold light, is a clear lightweight iron-on, tear-away stabilizer that locks the fiber in your fabric and prevents it from stretching as you sew or embroider.
  • It's fantastic for use as a backing when doing traditional machine applique'. Open your next pattern and lay out Hold Light over it - trace pattern on shiny side and then iron the traced pattern onto fabric. Before cutting out pattern pieces, iron on fabric and then cut! This holds the fabric in place and makes sure it doesn't fray while handling during the sewing process. You peel back right before sewing for easy sewing.
  • Use on top and bottom when applique'ing Lame for perfect stitching and -0- damage to the Lame'. 

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Stable Rinse

Support for your fabric when you need it and rinses away when you're done!

  • Perfect support for your next embroidery project when the design is open and needs support while embroidering but can't have a stabilizer that tears away.
  • This is an amazing product! It doesn't stretch and you only need 1 layer to support your fabric.
  • You'll also love using this in conjunction with Stick and Rinse for free-standing lace.

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